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Access this series of how-to articles, e-books, and other resources – written for creators, by creators – with actionable tips and best practices to help you achieve more in less time.

New how-to pages

Start with profiling tips

By profiling and honing your game’s performance across a wide range of platforms and devices, you can significantly refine the player experience and expand your base.

Get into HDRP

Learn how to leverage settings in the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) to maximize performance and achieve powerful graphics for your project.

Make the most of version control

Gain project visibility for smooth collaboration, no matter the version control system (VCS) you choose.

How-to pages by Unity features, tools, and solutions

User Interface (UI)

New e-books

Create a C# code style guide
For Programmers

By developing a consistent style guide alongside your codebase, your team will be equipped to support project growth into a commercial-scale production.

Level up your programming with game programming patterns
For Programmers

Learn how to implement common game programming design patterns in your Unity project that will help you efficiently build and maintain a clean, organized, and readable codebase.

Introduction to the URP for advanced Unity creators
For Programmers and Artists

This latest e-book for experienced Unity developers and technical artists will take you through the Universal Render Pipeline (URP).

Unity for technical artists: Key toolsets and workflows
For Artists

This Unity 2021 LTS edition compiles detailed summaries of all Unity systems, features, and workflows for experienced technical artists who want to expand their skill set.

Reach your goals with Unity Learn

With over 750 hours of free live and on-demand learning content, you can track your personal progress, earn badges, and bookmark content to take on your goals.

Grab your go-to resource for the Unity Editor

Whether you search it or browse it, the Unity User Manual is the definitive repository for highly detailed and procedural information on Unity’s UI, features, and workflows.

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