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Start with profiling tips

By profiling and honing your game’s performance across a wide range of platforms and devices, you can significantly refine the player experience and expand your base.

Get into HDRP

Learn how to leverage settings in the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) to maximize performance and achieve powerful graphics for your project.

Make the most of version control

Gain project visibility for smooth collaboration, no matter the version control system (VCS) you choose.

How-to pages by Unity features, tools, and solutions

User Interface (UI)

See the latest technical e-books

Ultimate guide to profiling Unity games

This 70+ page guide compiles advice on how to profile an application in Unity and identify performance bottlenecks, among other best practices.

The definitive guide to lighting in the High Definition Render Pipeline (Unity 2021 LTS edition)

This comprehensive guide encourages Unity technical artists and developers to explore high-end, physically based lighting techniques in HDRP for both PC and console games.

2D game art, animation, and lighting for artists

This e-book is our biggest 2D development guide yet, created for Unity developers and artists who want to make a commercial 2D game.

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