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2D light and shadow techniques in the Universal Render Pipeline

Learn how lights and shadows in the Happy Harvest demo were created using the Universal Render Pipeline (URP) in Unity 2022 LTS.

Testing and quality assurance tips for Unity projects

This article provides an introduction to different testing practices that will help you ship a more stable project with Unity.

Learn How to Make 3D & 2D Film Animations

Aimed at beginners, learn how to set up an animation workflow, create a new project, and import assets – all the way through to shooting your final scene.

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User Interface (UI)

New e-books

Optimize your mobile game performance (Unity 2022 LTS)

Get tips for using Unity’s profiling tools, programming and code architecture, project configuration and assets, and more. Learn how to enhance your mobile game’s performance.

Optimize your console and PC game performance (Unity 2022 LTS)

Pick up great tips for extensive profiling of your console and PC projects, programming code and architecture, optimizing assets and graphics, UI, physics, and animation optimizations.

Introduction to game level design

This guide offers you career tips, and instructions on how to use Unity tools suited to worldbuilding, like Unity ProBuilder, the Terrain system, and more.

Reach your goals with Unity Learn

With over 750 hours of free live and on-demand learning content, you can track your personal progress, earn badges, and bookmark content to take on your goals.

Grab your go-to resource for the Unity Editor

Whether you search it or browse it, the Unity User Manual is the definitive repository for highly detailed and procedural information on Unity’s UI, features, and workflows.

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