Professional Training

Increase your productivity and improve workflows with training courses designed for professionals in any industry.

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The value of Professional Training

Learn the skills and knowledge to make you more productive, collaborative, and efficient with Unity.

Upskill your entire team

When you use your senior or top employee to train colleagues, you’re taking them off projects where their expertise is vital. Use Professional Training to ensure everyone is properly trained, and that you’re getting the highest output from senior staff.

Leverage Unity expertise

All materials are created by our experienced instructional designers in partnership with our engineers and product teams. This means that your team always receives the most up-to-date training on the latest Unity tech.

Flexible training

Train your employees when it’s most convenient. With different delivery methods to choose from – live private or on-demand – our training makes it easy to fit professional development into your schedule.

Develop for visionOS with Unity

Get 1:1 live and hands-on training to develop for visionOS with Unity. This personalized training provides your team with a Unity expert who will cover:

  • Your objectives and unique projects with visionOS   
  • The core concepts of developing for visionOS, and understanding the Apple Vision Pro device and its capabilities for your project
  • The development environment, configuration settings, and building your first application

Our technical trainers are based around the world, including in the United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Korea, and Singapore.

Windowed apps

Access hundreds of hours of training content

With multiple courses to choose from, Professional Training offers you and your team multiple areas to learn and grow. Choose from beginner to advanced-level courses and make sure you’re getting the most out of Unity.

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Develop 3D mobile games
Develop 3D Mobile Games

Use Unity’s purpose-built tools to develop a 3D scavenger hunt game.

Pixyz Studio
Pixyz Studio Fundamentals

Step through the workflow of making CAD assets compatible for use in real-time 3D applications. Learn to contextualize various aspects of real-time 3D rendering.

Create High-Fidelity Lighting in the High Definition Render Pipeline

Learn the essential skills of a master Unity lighting designer. Recreate realistically lit scenes with atmosphere, visual drama, and style.

Learn the way you want

Training is available in multiple formats, suited to your individual or team’s learning style.

Live Private Training

Get valuable 1:1 time with a Unity expert in a flexible, private environment that enables you to improve your skills and expertise. Scheduled at a time that works for you, training is delivered through a hands-on approach that follows structured learning plans designed to help your team easily comprehend and retain course content.

On-Demand Training

Learn when and where you want with hundreds of hours of training content designed for professional creators – all on one platform. Get access to bite-sized, searchable video content, sample projects, assessments, and a manager dashboard to track your team’s progress.

Moritz Wundke, Lead Programmer, Playspace

"Before our training, our art iterations would take six to nine months. After it, we were able to do all the art for our game in one month."

Moritz Wundke, Lead Programmer, Playspace
Colin Oman, Product Development Manager, Cadline

"This training gave me a deeper understanding of what Unity is capable of."

Colin Oman, Product Development Manager, Cadline


Learn how Playspace developed their teams with the help of Unity Professional Training.

“Letting someone teach you a few tricks can save you a lot of time and money. Professional Training helped Playspace take a giant leap forward.”

Alfonso Villar, CEO, Playspace

Additional training opportunities


Find the right certification to meet your needs. Check out Unity’s full suite of certifications across four difficulty levels and specialization tracks ranging from Programmer to Artist.

Unity Certified Instructors

Certify your real-time 3D experience and gain global recognition by joining a vast and diverse network of professional trainers.

Centers of Excellence

Foster a real-time 3D ecosystem in partnership with governments, agencies, enterprises, gaming associations, and universities to boost your economy.

Level up your skills

Contact your sales representative today to find out how you can register for Professional Training courses.

Frequently asked questions

What languages are the courses offered in?

Currently, On-Demand courses are available only in English. Live Private courses may be available in other languages. To know if a course is offered in your desired language, please contact us.


How do I sign up for a course?

You can sign up for a Professional Training course through your Unity sales representative.

How do I view all the courses offered by Professional Training?

You can view our Private Training course catalog here and our On-Demand Training catalog here.

Will the training be delivered in person?

Professional Training is primarily delivered virtually across all formats. However, if you’re interested in Live Private Training, both virtual and in-person training options can be discussed with our team, pending additional details and logistics.

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