Inclusion and Diversity

We believe the world is a better place with more creators in it. To realize that vision, Unity needs to be an inclusive company fueling innovation for a diverse, global set of creators.

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We embrace our differences

Our mission is to embed inclusion and diversity into every aspect of our business – from how we treat and empower our employees to the ways we design and share tools for creators of all kinds.

Our strategic pillars


At every level, our workforce reflects the diversity of the broader industry and the many communities we serve.


All employees feel included in the business, empowered to share their unique perspectives, and have opportunities to grow in their careers at Unity and beyond.


Our services and products differentiate Unity as a platform that enables inclusion. Every day, across the globe, brilliant creators use Unity to bring their imaginations to life and create a better world.


We leverage the resources, platform, and influence of the Unity ecosystem to advance opportunity and equity throughout the vibrant communities we serve.

Our framework


Empathy is necessary to validate the perspectives of others. It is the capacity to feel what another person is experiencing by putting yourself in their position.


Respect is a recognition of dignity. It is about treating others how they want to be treated, which compels us to ask how they feel most valued.


Opportunity is a guarantee that individuals are treated equitably, free from artificial barriers, prejudices, or preferences.

Our partnerships

Thought leaders
Inclusion thought leaders

We join forces with diversity thought leaders to inform our global inclusion strategy and provide learning resources for our employees.

Diversity recruiting
Diversity recruiting

We sponsor and recruit from major conferences centered on underrepresented talent to bring our workforce closer to being representative of our creator community and global users.

Community impact
Community impact

Our ERGs champion causes big and small, and are consulted on our partnerships as well as nonprofit donations through Unity Social Impact.

Employee resource groups (ERGs)

Our ERGs are employee-led collectives that promote learning, allyship, and community across different lived experiences and identities. They foster empathy, respect, and opportunity in the workplace, and are vital to advancing an inclusive culture at Unity.

Unity ERGs

Faces of Unity

Faces of Unity

This is who we are. Our regular blog series asks employees to tell us about their backgrounds, interests, and the journeys that led them to Unity, highlighting the diversity of our global team.


Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

We’re committed to fostering a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable world for all.

UK Gender Pay Gap

We believe in building a just and equitable workplace, which includes compensating our employees fairly.

Human Rights Campaign

We’ve signed the Business Statement Opposing Anti-LGBTQ State Legislation, conveying our clear opposition to harmful and discriminatory laws.

Join us

If you’re interested in joining Unity on our journey to build a more inclusive and diverse workplace, check out our Careers page. We’re hiring in more than 45 locations around the world.

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