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Explore online learning paths, certifications, institutional licenses, tools for educators, and more.

Tools for every stage of your learning journey

Tools for every stage of your learning journey

Teach yourself Unity with online courses and tutorials. Learn to create at your school or college, or integrate Unity into your institution’s curricula. Expand your professional skill set and prepare for in-demand careers.

Beginner or expert, find the information you need for your Unity learning journey.


Learn Unity

Build your project, learn a new skill, refresh your knowledge, change careers – whatever your goal, get started here.

Online learning
Free tutorials, projects, and courses

Visit Unity Learn for free, on-demand learning content designed for creators at every skill level.

Student plan
Free Unity license for students

Kickstart your learning with free access to Unity Pro, perfect for studying in the classroom or practicing at home.

Prove your Unity skills

Test your Unity knowledge and showcase your abilities to future employers with our range of certification exams.

Professional Training
Enhance your team’s skills with Professional Training

Increase productivity and improve workflows with training courses led by Unity Certified Instructors, designed for professionals in any industry.

Instructor teaching students in a classroom

Become a Unity Certified Instructor

The Unity Certified Instructor program recognizes leaders who have demonstrated excellence in both Unity skills and teaching. Join today to start receiving members-only benefits and further your professional goals.

More ways to learn

Unity User Manual

Installation guides, term definitions, feature lists, and more to help you learn to use the Unity Editor, runtime, and associated services. Keep it bookmarked for future reference.

Industrial Success Hub

Key resources for industrial Unity users, including courses, expert-led sessions, success stories, solutions roadmaps, and more.

Teach Unity

Access knowledge and resources to teach Unity with confidence. Enjoy free access to Unity Pro with our Educator plan, and enhance your curricula with training, workshops, and educational materials through the Unity Learn Educator Hub.

Teach Unity

Bring Unity into your classroom

Resources to equip your institution with Unity and integrate real-time 3D learning into your high school or post-secondary curriculum.

Education Grant License
All schools and educational not-for-profits

What’s included:

  • Multi-seat Unity access
  • Game development curricular framework
  • Unity Teach community
Burning Glass

“Unity is one of the most in-demand tech skills and has one of the highest forecasted growth rates, at over 39% over the next two years.”

Burning Glass

Unity Developer grew 5x as one of LinkedIn’s Top 20 Emerging Jobs, and is the seventh fastest-growing job.


Start learning Unity for free today

Begin your Unity journey or build on your existing skills. Access our free online courses to learn how to create exciting real-time 3D experiences. Currently a student? Get your free Unity Pro license today.

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