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2D game art, animation, and lighting for artists
Oct 19, 2023
2D game art animation lighting

There’s no limit to how innovative today’s 2D games can be. The evolution of hardware, graphics, and game development software makes it possible to create 2D games with real-time lights, high-resolution textures, and an almost unlimited sprite count.

Our new e-book, 2D game art, animation, and lighting for artists is our biggest, most comprehensive 2D development guide, created for Unity developers and artists who want to make a commercial 2D game.

The e-book was authored by the art director of the Unity 2D demo Dragon Crashers, with contributions from Unity 2D experts. Key topics you’ll learn about include:

  • Setting up your 2D project
  • Roundtripping between Unity and your DCC software
  • Working with sprites, normal maps and mask maps, and layer sorting
  • Setting up Cameras
  • Creating animation and rigging
  • Configuring lights and special shader effects and techniques
  • Optimizing your project along the way

This is a valuable resource for any creator who wants to leverage the full capabilities of the Unity 2D toolset for multiplatform games.