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Introduction to the Data-Oriented Technology Stack for advanced Unity developers
May 30, 2024
The Megacity Metro demo from Unity uses DOTS

This new e-book can help you make an informed decision about whether implementing some or all of the DOTS packages and technologies is the right decision for your existing or upcoming Unity project. It provides an explanation of each of the DOTS packages and the concepts they're built on, mainly, the Unity Entity Component System (ECS). The features covered include:

  • C# job system
  • Burst compiler
  • Collections
  • Mathematics
  • Entities
  • Entities Graphics
  • Unity Physics
  • Netcode for Entities

You’ll also get an introduction to the ECS GitHub repo, which includes many samples that introduce both basic and advanced DOTS features.

Finally, the appendix provides detailed explanations for concepts related to Unity ECS, including memory allocation and garbage collection, memory and CPU cache, multithreaded programming, the limitations of object-oriented programming, and data-oriented programming.