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end-user platforms supported for running Unity creations²
downloads per month of Made with Unity applications³
of the top 100 games use Unity to grow their games⁴
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  1. Creator credits: Bleak Sword DX, More8bit, Devolver Digital | GTFO, 10 Chambers | Laika: Aged Through Blood, Brainwash Gang, Headup Publishing | Muhammad Ali, Showmax Game Changers, Chocolate Tribe | Sea of Stars, Sabotage Studios | BattleBit Remastered, SgtOkiDoki, Vilaskis, TheLiquidHorse
  2. As of December 2023. Source: Derived from internal Unity resources.
  3. As of September 2023. Source: Internal Unity sources, Data.ai Steam DB. Disclaimer: Downloads number is a combined figure of 3.56 billion mobile downloads based on data.ai data plus an internal estimate of 98 million downloads based on Steam data.
  4. As of 2023-10-25. Source: Data.ai. Disclaimer: Top 100 games based on 7-day average of worldwide downloads, both on Apple App and Google Play Stores, as of September 19, 2023 from data.ai.