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Join our community of Unity users. Creators of all types – beginner to expert, hobbyist to pro – connect here for learning, sharing, and inspiration.

Community platforms

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Consult this vast repository of knowledge about the Unity ecosystem for insight and support. You can find the latest developments, submit feedback, and engage with other Unity developers.
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Any questions? Beginners and experts alike are welcome to post, so you can help each other out with Unity. The built-in voting system lets you find the best answers faster.
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Issue tracker

Get clear information about the status of bugs that have been successfully reproduced. Plus, vote for the bugs that are most detrimental to your workflow to get them fixed more quickly.

Connect with the community

Join us across our social channels to learn, get inspired, and problem solve with fellow developers or designers.

Global events hub

Keep up with the many exciting events happening for the Unity community around the world – all built to help you take your projects further. Find an event near you.

Unity on YouTube Live & Twitch

Connect directly with Unity creators and community members through live learning sessions, game playthroughs, events and more.

Unity on YouTube

Get inspired by a vast library of tutorials, game sizzles, Creator Stories, and more on the Unity YouTube channel.

Unity on Discord

Join the Unity Discord server to connect with the community, ask questions, discuss Unity-related topics, help others, and more.

Get in the know


Find the latest Unity news and information right from the source. Discover what’s happening in the Unity ecosystem here first.


Our thorough, well-organized, and easy-to-read documentation covers every component in Unity, with a separate reference guide for how to create and use scripts.