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We’re shining a light on brilliant developers who are using Unity to create mind-blowing game experiences. We do this in many ways – deep-diving in Creator Spotlights on Twitch, showcasing projects at events, spreading the word on our social channels, profiling innovative tech uses in case studies, and much more. Tell us what you’re working on – let’s find the right spotlight for your success.

GDC 2023

Find us at GDC


Wherever you are in your game’s development, find the tools you need for whatever comes next at GDC 2023. Get the scoop on the latest tech, learn how Unity creators are succeeding, and find inspiration for your next game.


Creator Spotlight

Our Twitch streams showcase innovative and inspiring games Made with Unity, taking you behind the scenes with the teams and tech that bring them to life.

Outer Wilds
Mobius Digital

Join Unity and Mobius Digital as we explore the solar systems of Outer Wilds, one planet at a time, and break down the principal features of each world – from giant sand columns to spherical oceans and destructive supernovas.

Andrew Shouldice

Lead developer Andrew Shouldice joins Unity’s Hasan Al Salman and Unity Insider Joyce Plokker (@MinionsArt) on Twitch to pull back the curtain on TUNIC, the project he’s been working on since 2015.


The team at Roll7 walk us through how they achieved the iconic illustrative style of Rollerdrome. We cover a wide range of topics, including level design, shaders, procedural enemies, and testing framework.

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We’re always looking for exciting new games to highlight on Twitch Streams, in case studies, through our social channels, at events, and anywhere else people are talking about game development. Fill out this form to submit your project to the Made With Unity program for consideration.

Indie creators

Across all platforms, genres, and styles, teams around the world are using Unity to build breathtaking experiences. Check out this year’s GDC sizzle to see some of the incredible new and upcoming releases that are Made with Unity.

Developing for mobile?

Growth Masters shines a light on the community of mobile marketers who are tirelessly working to grow their apps. These interviews showcase their expertise, career paths, challenges, and visions for the future.

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