クリエイターとは変化を起こす人々です。Unity は彼らが影響を与えるためのプラットフォームです。



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Our mission

We believe the world is a better place with more creators in it – and creativity can and should come from anyone, anywhere. Unity supports Social Impact visionaries in driving change, facilitates education programs for the next generation of real-time 3D creators, and collaborates internally and externally to protect our planet.

Empowering creators

Change happens when all voices are heard. That’s why we invest in creating economic opportunities for underrepresented creators and maximize the impact their work has on local communities and the world.

Opportunity for all

Learning should be accessible to everyone. We offer free, comprehensive educational resources and collaborate with institutions and nonprofits to enable over 300,000 students and educators to learn Unity every year.

Protecting our planet

We’re committed to driving sustainability through minimizing our environmental impact and supporting creators leveraging real-time 3D to decarbonize the world.

Our impact

We're committed to supporting creators, learners, and nonprofits. Read our 2022 Environmental, Social, and Governance report.

$8M in grants

We awarded $8 million in grant funding to empower creators to have positive, inclusive impacts in the areas of education, digital health and wellbeing, and sustainability in 2022.

$1.4B worth of software donated

We provided $1.4 billion worth of software to institutions, students, and educators to support technology-related training and make learning Unity engaging, accessible, and fun.

720k people supported

We supported over 720,000 people including learners, educators, and creators through a wide array of programs and initiatives.

Unity for Humanity – helping creators drive change

Creators around the globe are using Unity to tell stories and build tools that will have positive and meaningful impacts on their communities and the planet. We devote funding, time, and resources to support creators in getting their projects over the finish line and amplifying their reach.

Explore the grant-winning projects below for inspiring examples of what’s possible with Unity’s real-time 3D technology.


Unity で構築された、社会に影響を与えるその他のプロジェクトについては、チェンジメーカーのショーケースでお確かめください。

Drop in the Ocean
制作:Vision 3、Conservation International

Drop in the Ocean』はインタラクティブなソーシャル VR 体験です。プレイヤーを水中深く、世界の海を悩ませているプラスチック汚染の危機へと直接引き込みます。

Rise-Home Stories Project


COVID-19 VR 医療訓練シナリオ

COVID-19 感染区域の最前線で勤務する救急医療医によって開発されたこれらの Made with Unity シミュレーションによって、医療スタッフは COVID-19 のトリアージ、医療管理、個人用保護具の着脱を安全に実施できます。

Empowering through education

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to create their own future, and we’re committed to upskilling the next generation of creators through our free online learning platform, our partnerships with schools, and our free Unity Pro licenses for students and educators.

Get started
Free learning resources

We provide over 750 hours of free on-demand learning resources to help make lucrative technology careers more inclusive and accessible to all.

Equipping the next generation

We offer Unity Pro for free to students and educators to empower the next generation of real-time 3D creators with the platform used by professionals in their dream careers.

Education for all

We work with academic institutions and non-profits to ensure they have the tools they need to develop innovative training programs that set students and educators up for success.




私たちは、事業運営とバリューチェーンを対象とした、科学に基づく GHG 削減目標の作成に使用する、ベースライン温室効果ガス排出インベントリを実施しています。


私たちは、グリーンビルディングの実践を通じて施設の効率性を促進するとともに、EPEAT や Energy Star などの認証を通じて、エネルギー効率の高い IT 機器を調達しています。私たちは仮想会議を奨励し、出張に関しては、より持続可能性の高い交通手段の利用を支援しています。


Unity は、Cool Effect を通じてカーボンオフセットクレジットを購入し、必要不可欠な出張で生じる環境への影響を中和することにより、二酸化炭素排出量の削減に貢献しています。

リアルタイム 3D を使用して現実世界の変化を推進する

RT3D は、より持続可能な世界を作り上げるために、世界中で活用されています。ズタリの再生可能エネルギー発電所や Sitowise のスマートシティ計画、また SamudraClean A/R などの教育ツールは、Unity を使用して実現されています。


Unity Social Impact の設立時に、私たちは Unity Charitable Fund を創設し、慈善活動の目標を実現するための資金メカニズムを提供しました。


私たちは 2021 年に、世界中のコミュニティにプラスの影響を与えている現在および将来の Unity クリエイターを直接支援する目的で、さまざまな組織に 400 万ドルを寄付しています。




Unity の従業員には、コミュニティへの還元や、きわめて重要な理念のために利用できる、年間 20 時間のボランティア休暇が与えられます。


Unity では、教育、持続可能性、および健康の分野での取り組みを推進している組織に対して寄付を行った従業員を対象に、マッチングドネーションとして、従業員 1 人あたり年間最大 500 ドルを提供しています。

ESG – Environmental, Social, and Governance

At Unity, we're committed to fostering a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable world for all. We hold ourselves accountable to this vision through annual ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) reporting which outlines our recent impacts and our plans to continue making the world a better place.

Learn more about Unity's commitment to ESG and our future goals

Memberships and alliances


Unity(NYSE:U)はリアルタイム 3D(RT3D)コンテンツを制作して運用するための、世界をリードするプラットフォームです。ゲーム開発者からアーティスト、建築家、自動車デザイナー、映像作家まで、あらゆるクリエイターが Unity を使用して想像を形にします。Unity のプラットフォームで提供される包括的なソフトウェアソリューションのセットでは、携帯電話、タブレット、PC、コンソール、AR デバイス、バーチャルリアリティデバイスに対応する、インタラクティブなリアルタイム 2D および 3D のコンテンツを作成して運用できます。

Unity Social Impact FAQ

What is Unity Social Impact?

The Unity Social Impact division is built on three key areas of impact: Education and Economic Opportunity for All, Sustainability, and Social Impact creators. Through the Charitable Fund, Unity for Humanity, Employee Giving, and Education programs, Unity aims to empower employees and creators of all backgrounds to foster a more inclusive, sustainable world.

What is Unity for Humanity?

Unity for Humanity is a Unity Social Impact program with a mission to uplift social impact creators and their work through grants, mentorship, and partnership opportunities. Learn more at unity.com/humanity and subscribe to the Social Impact mailing list to stay up-to-date on the latest grant opportunities.

What is the Unity Charitable Fund?

The Unity Charitable Fund provides the financial means to bring our social impact goals to life. The program was created with 750,000 shares of Unity common stock. In 2021, we awarded approximately $4.5M from the fund to support current and future creators who are building RT3D experiences with meaningful impacts on society and the planet.

What is the Unity Employee Giving Program?

Our Giving Program allows employees to positively impact local and global communities and contribute to the causes that matter most to them. Each year, employees receive 20 paid volunteer hours and up to $500 USD in donation matching, plus a one-time corporate donation to direct to eligible organizations of their choice.

I have an in-progress Social Impact project. How can I get your support?

The Unity for Humanity program supports social impact creators with grants, mentorship, and partnerships. Sign up for the Social Impact mailing list to be notified about the latest opportunities.

How do you measure your impact?

We release an ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) report every year which contains key information about our sustainability metrics, creator grants, future targets, and more. Download the 2021 ESG report.

How can I join Unity’s Social Impact team?

Check out our Careers site and search for ‘Social Impact’ to view open roles.

I’m an investor. How can I get more information?

For information about our stocks, finances, events, presentations, investor news, and governance, visit our Investor Relations site.

I want to create a Social Impact project. Where do I start?

If you’re new to Unity, get started with the wealth of free resources available on learn.unity.com, including access to 750+ hours of on-demand learning sessions and structured Pathways to prepare for a career in tech.

If you’re already a Unity expert, browse the Changemakers Showcase for inspiration for your first Social Impact project.