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Discover powerful artist tools to optimize your workflows and design immersive experiences.

Unity for artists and designers

Scene from I am Fish
Creative control with powerful tools

Unleash your imagination with Unity’s powerful artist-friendly solutions. Tap into greater flexibility with tools specifically designed to help you work faster, in real-time.

Neon shot
Build immersive experiences

From worldbuilding, level art, animation, and cinematics to powerful rendering and visual effects, Unity tools can help you bring your vision to life.

Screenshot from Harold Halibut
In-context creation and iteration

Speed up your workflow by working in-context. See results live as you work to power faster iteration and better design decisions.

Overcooked interface in Unity editor
Stay in the flow

Unity works seamlessly with your favorite creation software, minimizing the interruptions of moving between tools to help you and your team work more efficiently.

Unity solutions

Bring your vision to life with powerful artist tools.

Forest scene

Faster worldbuilding and level design

Unity tools help creators prototype worlds and design levels quickly. 

Probuilder is a unique hybrid of 3D modeling and level-design tools that’s optimized for simple geometry but also enables detailed editing and UV unwrapping. 

Paired with Polybrush, you can blend textures, colors, sculpt meshes, and scatter objects directly in the Editor. The Terrain Tools package features new sculpting brushes to bridge, clone, noise, terrace, and twist Terrain to shape incredible environments.


Learn more about Probuilder Learn more about Polybrush
UI Toolkit in Unity Editor

Design engaging user interfaces

UI Toolkit is a collection of features, resources, and tools for developing user interfaces and Editor extensions. In the 2021 LTS and newer, it supports creating and debugging runtime UI for games and applications, with an intuitive workflow that helps artists and designers get started faster.

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Visual scripting with 3D model

Develop interactions visually

Visual scripting in Unity empowers creators to develop gameplay mechanics or interaction logic with an intuitive graph-based system instead of writing code. 

Whether you’re an artist, designer, or programmer, visual scripting can help you accelerate your prototyping and iteration processes. You can also make custom nodes to streamline collaboration among your team, regardless of individuals’ programming knowledge. 

As of Unity 2021 LTS and newer, visual scripting is available automatically within the Editor.

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Produce beautiful cinematics without code

Cinemachine is a toolset for adding smart, codeless cameras that can understand subjects of interest and photography rules. This helps you shoot perfectly composed content that adapts dynamically in real-time. 

Timeline enables you to create and iterate rapidly on gorgeous cinematic content and cutscenes. Now in the LTS, Sequences provides straightforward workflows for creating and organizing all the elements of a cinematic 

These three systems are flexible and extensible, allowing you to add custom controls that support advanced workflows. Light Anchors and Light Layers enable fine-tuned and accelerated shot-based lighting, and you can use our Virtual Camera companion app to shoot live with your iPhone or iPad.

Learn more about Timeline Learn more about Cinemachine
Pig character with animation rig skeleton

Edit animations directly in a Scene at runtime

Animation Rigging offers riggers and technical animators tools to create control rigs for animating characters directly in Unity. This package allows you to review animations in-context and make adjustments on the fly at runtime. In LTS, Animation Rigging is verified and includes bidirectional motion transfer to help you create realistic animations more quickly.

Use our Face Capture companion app to animate faces in real-time from an iPhone or a tablet live linked to the Editor.

Learn more about Animation Rigging Learn more about the Face Capture companion app
Scene with orb and fire swirling around it

Create powerful VFX and shaders

Produce reactive shaders and effects in real-time using Unity’s VFX Graph and Shader Graph. VFX Graph lets you author in-engine with a powerful node-based interface and run large numbers of particles leveraging the GPU power. With Shader Graph, you can author shaders and see the results in real-time. Simply connect nodes visually in a graph network to see your creations and changes instantly.

Learn more about Shader Graph Learn more about VFX Gra[h
3D rendered Lego model

Render with quality and flexibility

Achieve both realistic and stylized graphics using Unity’s High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) and Universal Render Pipeline (URP). These flexible render pipelines provide you with a refined level of control for crafting sharply optimized visuals across a range of platforms, from mobile to desktop and high-end consoles

HDRP is a physically based renderer that uses light units to target PC and consoles and desktop VR. It provides off-the-shelf advanced materials, lights, clouds, volumetrics, real-time ray tracing, and artist controls to achieve high-definition visuals. Use HDRP for AAA-quality games, product configurators, architectural applications, film, and other projects that require high-fidelity graphics.

URP provides optimized graphics performance on a broad range of platforms, including VR. URP offers artist-friendly workflows to help you create optimized graphics across a range of platforms, from mobile to high-end consoles and PCs.    

Learn more about HDRP Learn more about URP
Realistic car made with Unity

Create beautiful, immersive lighting

From Global Illumination (GI) to high-quality shadows, Unity offers techniques that simulate the intricate behavior of light and materials in your 3D worlds. Enjoy the flexibility of real-time or precomputed (baked) lighting, or even combine both to achieve optimal performance and visual quality across all platforms.

Discover Lightning


Elliot Hudson, Associate Creative Director, Blackbird Interactive

“ProBuilder enables our designers to prototype ship layouts and gameplay props. Since object dimensions and other metrics are extremely important in our game, it lets us quickly iterate on rough blockouts to nail down an object size before asking Art for the final mesh. It really helps our artists build an efficient greybox pipeline.”

Elliot Hudson, Associate Creative Director, Blackbird Interactive
Niklas Hansson, Deputy Head of Programming, Team17

“Unity’s unobtrusive blackbox approach, together with recent additions like the Scriptable Render Pipeline and the ability to do native plug-ins, gives us the flexibility to do what we need.”

Niklas Hansson, Deputy Head of Programming, Team17
Stephen Taylor, Technical Director, Mediatonic

“Unity empowers our designers, making them much more effective members of the team. If a designer wants to turn off a behavior, it’s just a tick box instead of rewriting a lot of code – it’s 10 seconds instead of 30 minutes.”

Stephen Taylor, Technical Director, Mediatonic
Andy Green, Senior Technical Artist, Bossa Studios

“Unity still remains a flexible and versatile engine, which allows us as a studio to work on a wide range of games and multiple platforms. It also allows the whole team to collaborate in the development process.”

Andy Green, Senior Technical Artist, Bossa Studios

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More art and design solutions

Plastic SCM

Collaborate more efficiently with a performant, easy-to-use version control system (VCS) made for programmers, artists, and designers.


SpeedTree provides Unity developers real-time wind effects, dynamic LODs, and a growing model library to build dynamic environments.

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