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Creativity can change the world
Our technology and grant programs empower creators of all kinds to imagine a more sustainable and inclusive future.    
The Unity Workforce grant is live. Apply for funding to support your organization’s real-time 3D training programs.
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Our mission

We believe the world is a better place with more creators in it – and creativity can and should come from anyone, anywhere. Unity supports Social Impact visionaries in driving change, facilitates education programs for the next generation of real-time 3D creators, and collaborates internally and externally to protect our planet.

Empowering creators
Empowering creators

Change happens when all voices are heard. That’s why we invest in creating economic opportunities for underrepresented creators and maximize the impact their work has on local communities and the world.

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Opportunity for all

Learning should be accessible to everyone. We offer free, comprehensive educational resources and collaborate with institutions and nonprofits to enable over 300,000 students and educators to learn Unity every year.

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Protecting our planet

We’re committed to driving sustainability through minimizing our environmental impact and supporting creators leveraging real-time 3D to decarbonize the world.

Our impact

We're committed to supporting creators, learners, and nonprofits. Read our 2022 Environmental, Social, and Governance report.

$8M in grants

We awarded $8 million in grant funding to empower creators to have positive, inclusive impacts in the areas of education, digital health and wellbeing, and sustainability in 2022.

$1.4B worth of software donated

We provided $1.4 billion worth of software to institutions, students, and educators to support technology-related training and make learning Unity engaging, accessible, and fun.

720k people supported

We supported over 720,000 people including learners, educators, and creators through a wide array of programs and initiatives.

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Unity for Humanity – helping creators drive change

Creators around the globe are using Unity to tell stories and build tools that will have positive and meaningful impacts on their communities and the planet. We devote funding, time, and resources to support creators in getting their projects over the finish line and amplifying their reach.

Explore the grant-winning projects below for inspiring examples of what’s possible with Unity’s real-time 3D technology.

Scene from Critical Distance VR
Critical Distance

An augmented reality (AR) experience, Critical Distance dives into the world of Southern Resident Orcas, spotlighting their struggle against a dwindling food supply and noise pollution.

Dot’s Home
Dot’s Home

Follow a Black woman living in her grandmother’s Detroit home amid redlining and gentrification to ask “How did your family end up where they are and how much choice did they have?”

Apart of Me
Apart of Me

Mobile game Apart of Me translates bereavement counseling techniques into a 3D world to help young people and their families through the heartbreak and confusion of grief.

Empowering through education

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to create their own future, and we’re committed to upskilling the next generation of creators through our free online learning platform, our partnerships with schools, and our free Unity Pro licenses for students and educators.

Free learning resources

We provide over 750 hours of free on-demand learning resources to help make lucrative technology careers more inclusive and accessible to all.

Equipping the next generation

We offer Unity Pro for free to students and educators to empower the next generation of real-time 3D creators with the platform used by professionals in their dream careers.

Education for all

We work with academic institutions and non-profits to ensure they have the tools they need to develop innovative training programs that set students and educators up for success.

Creating economic opportunities

We partner with companies, nonprofits, and governments around the world to encourage inclusive economic growth for individuals and communities.

SkillUp Coalition
SkillUp Coalition

We’re a founding partner of SkillUp, an organization that upskills workers into high-demand jobs by connecting training and education providers, employers, tech firms, and job-readiness nonprofits.


We partner with Generation to train and place learners from underrepresented backgrounds into life-changing game development careers in Pakistan.

Mission Bit
Mission Bit

We work with Mission Bit to build free, project-based computer science pathways for under-resourced high school youth across the San Francisco Bay Area.


We work with Gameheads to develop learning and skill development opportunities, including launching a game design degree and certificate program for low-income youth and youth of color in partnership with Oculus from Facebook and Niantic.

Games for Change
Games for Change

We hosted the Cross-Cultural Impact Jam with Games for Change to help a global network of students develop experiences focused on uplifting marginalized voices and advocating for meaningful social issues.

Urban Arts Partnership
Urban Arts Partnership

We work with the School of Interactive Arts, a program by Urban Arts Partnership that leverages video game design to open doors to the tech industry for students of color from low-income communities and under-resourced schools.

Protecting the planet

We’re committed to driving sustainability throughout our entire ecosystem, from reducing our environmental impact to supporting creators leveraging real-time 3D to decarbonize the world, raise awareness of climate issues, and promote conservation.

Environmental footprint

We track and reduce our environmental footprint and offset our carbon emissions.


We use green building practices and energy-efficient equipment to green our operations.

Decarbonizing gaming

We help make the entire gaming industry more sustainable and empower players to make a positive impact.

Real-world change

We support creators leveraging real-time 3D to create a more sustainable world.

We are all changemakers

We encourage our employees to drive positive change and respond to real-world situations.

Charitable giving

We grant funds to various organizations in support of current and future Unity creators having a positive impact on communities around the globe.

Responsive giving

In response to disasters and humanitarian crises, responsive giving enables us to support employees and the communities they live and work in during times of need.

Volunteer time off

Unity employees receive 20 hours of volunteer time off per year that they may use to give back to their communities and the causes that matter most to them.

Matching donations

Unity offers employees up to $500 USD per year in donation matching, which employees can direct to charities, nonprofits, and organizations making a difference.

2021 ESG Report Art

ESG – Environmental, Social, and Governance

At Unity, we're committed to fostering a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable world for all. We hold ourselves accountable to this vision through annual ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) reporting which outlines our recent impacts and our plans to continue making the world a better place.

Memberships and alliances

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