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3D product configurators

Improve customer engagement and conversion with Unity’s low-code real-time 3D marketing solutions. 

Take a walkthrough of Unity’s real-time 3D product configurator solution, Unity Forma

Why use a 3D product configurator

Interactive configurators empower customers to explore a product and discover, decide and purchase the features that matter most to them. 

Customers exploring a fully interactive product tend to: 

  • Reach a buying decision faster
  • Select higher value options
  • Get a better understanding of what they are buying
  • Spend more time connecting with the brand

3D product configurators are created using digital twins of products, and deployed across multiple industries, from automotive and manufacturing to high-end fashion, luxury accessories and more.

Made with Unity: 3D configurator

Here is a WebGL deployment of a real-time 3D car configurator made with Unity Forma. 

To create this car configurator, the computer-aided design (CAD) file was optimized using Pixyz Studio. This reduces the weight of 3D files so that they can be used on different platforms. The more the file is optimized, the faster it will load on a platform.

Created in collaboration with Light & Shadows. The Aviera car model shown is courtesy of Genesis Design GmbH.

Easy 3D rendering options for every platform


With Unity's 3D product configurator solution you can manage and optimize multiple product configurators from a central point.

High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP)

One of Unity’s prebuilt scriptable rendering pipelines, HDRP delivers high-fidelity graphics on high-end hardware, including web browsers. HDRP offers the highest rendering quality and includes features like real-time ray tracing.

HDRP provides advanced 3D real-time rendering technologies optimized for PC (Windows/Mac/Linux/VR).

Universal Render Pipeline (URP)

Unity’s other prebuilt scriptable rendering pipeline, URP offers full platform reach on all devices supported by Unity, such as mobile (Android and iOS) and PC. By making tradeoffs in regard to lighting and shading (that is, it cannot be used in conjunction with HDRP), URP delivers powerful graphics and real-time performance on performance-constrained platforms.


Universal Render Pipeline content can be deployed to the WebGL platform to run interactive experiences from Unity in a web browser, as you can see in the product configurator above. WebGL experiences are particularly effective on mobile devices.

Unity Forma Collage_1920x1080.jpg

Unity Forma’s Quality Profile feature

The image above shows the same model in three variations: HDRP, URP, WebGL.

With Unity Forma’s Quality Profile feature, you can manage multiple configurators from a central point, and optimize the experience with platform-specific resolutions, material representations and graphics settings.

Client testimonials

“Volkswagen constantly seeks new paths to delight the user when experiencing our cars. Unity Forma comes with features that will help us to provide faster and higher-quality real-time content like configurable product visualization.”

Candido Peterlini, Head of Global Digital Marketing


“Our clients understand the importance of integrating real-time rendering tools into their CG pipeline, and Unity Forma helps get us there quicker than any other tool in the market.”

Tim Henager, Director, Technology


“Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, we always kept an eye on the digital and economical sustainability of our trade fairs. Thanks to the possibilities of iVP and Unity Forma, we were able to create a digital platform in a fraction of time that we would have needed without them, to adapt. Thanks to that, we were able to be close to the customer despite contact and travel restrictions.”

Thomas Storz, Manager Tradefairs & Events HOMAG Group AG


“Unity Forma gives us the capabilities of a big company with the agility of a small one.”

Pétur Hannes Ólafsson, CEO, Onanoff


Marketing with real-time 3D configurators

There’s an easier way to successful marketing content production. Discover how you can accelerate customer engagement, boost conversion with interactive 3D configurators, virtual showrooms, and more.

Benefits of real-time 3D configurators

Boost sales

Accelerate the sales cycle with interactive product configurators that better engage customers and improve sales conversions.

Significant cost savings

Reduce costs by eliminating duplication of work. A centrally managed product configurator 3D model enables easy sharing of updates with global teams, agencies and other partners.

Reach your audience everywhere

Publish configurators to multiple channels, including mobile devices and web browsers via cloud streaming or WebGL. Visual quality and performance can be optimized for each platform, ensuring a great customer experience.

Highly engaging customer experiences

Give customers the freedom to interactively explore your products in true-to-life visual quality. Drive greater engagement and conversion by empowering them to discover your product and find their favorite configuration.

Limitless configurations

Product configurators built from the design data, such as those created with Unity Forma, inherently include all product variants. Allowing the customer to view every possible option increases upsell likelihood, and accelerates their buying journey.

Convert physical assets into digital 3D models

AI-driven material scanning solutions like Unity’s RestAR enable easy translation of real-world materials into 3D-ready formats. Ensuring your product configurator has accurate material options develops brand trust and deepens customer engagement.

Deep dive: Arksen x canVERSE case study

With innovation, technology and adventure at their core, Arksen needed a new way to showcase their latest marine exploration vessel before it was built.

Read the full story of how their agency partner canVERSE created a streamlined content production workflow using Unity Forma, starting with Arksen’s CAD data and resulting in a fully interactive, real-time 3D configurator of their latest vessel.


Real-time 3D configurators in action

Discover a range of interactive product configurators created by Unity customers across multiple industries.

6 must-see configurators
Interactive shopping

Brands across industries are reaping the rewards of greater engagement, conversion, and changing the way consumers buy.

Image courtesy of SmartPixels

Unlocking 3D marketing for everyone
B2B sales

Consumer electronics company Onanoff challenges the common belief that only big industry players can afford cutting-edge real-time 3D configurator technology.

Engaging customers with personalization
Luxury brand retail

Luxury luggage manufacturer Globe-Trotter delivered a digital marketing experience to help customers create one-of-a-kind memories.

Image courtesy of SmartPixels

What’s possible with Unity Forma
Creativity with minimal coding

Demonstrating that product configurators are accessible to all, even those without technical skills, the Unity Forma contest entrants explored the art of the possible.

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