Powering cameras for films and games

Emmy-award winning Cinemachine is a suite of tools for dynamic, smart, codeless cameras that let the best shots emerge based on scene composition and interaction, allowing you to tune, iterate, experiment and create camera behaviors in real-time.

Installing Cinemachine

Use the Unity Package Manager (in the top menu: Window > Package Manager) to select Cinemachine for installation. If you don't see the package, look for a dropdown menu above the list and select “All packages”. 

Cinemachine is free and available for any project. If you already have it installed, you may update to the latest version.

Harold Halibut by Slow Bros

For games

Cinemachine speeds up game development. It frees your team from expensive camera-logic development and allows you to iterate and prototype new ideas on the fly while saving settings in play mode. From first-person shooter to follow cam, from 2D to 3D, from real-time play to cutscene, Cinemachine camera modules have been perfected over many years.

Behind the Scenes on “Baymax Dreams”

For film and video

Cinemachine is your virtual DP, knowing where to aim and focus. Experiment with dollies, tracking, shake and post-FX in real-time. It's procedural, so changes just work. Animation changes after layout are no problem – Cinemachine knows how you want your shots and dynamically adjusts, even if the performances change. Cinemachine won an Emmy for revolutionizing the field of cinematography.

Powerful features that revolutionize CG layout


Procedural framing

The camera automatically composes the action with compositional control, just like how a camera operator works. Imagine setting up a slew of layout, changing the animations, and having the shots still work even if animations change! Composer revolutionizes the preproduction and layout process.


Virtual camera operators

The camera automatically follows the action, just like a camera operator would. Transposer gives you myriad controls for how cameras should follow the action. Just set up your shots – change the performances and the shots still work.


Color grade each shot

Post-processing, color grading, lens emulation, depth of field – and more – live on each shot. If you change the edit, the color grade changes with it. Blend shots on Timeline and everything else blends too. A new, powerful and incredibly fast way of working.

Shot Blender

Rapid preproduction

Timeline lets you blend Cinemachine clips, creating animation. Set up your shot sequences and blend them over the desired duration. You’ll get smooth camera motion up and running in seconds.

Follow Zoom

Automatically and always get the subject the right size on screen in scenarios where the positions of characters could be variable. Camera will dynamically set zoom to ensure subjects are the desired screen size, no matter what. Great for interactive dialog scenes.

Lens Packs

Your case of lenses

Cinemachine lens packs allow you to set a list of favorite lenses as dropdown selections. Add consistency to your project by limiting focal lengths to a preset kit, just like on a film set.

A powerhouse for film and games
Pine by Twirlbound

Get started with our great series of tutorial videos.

Cinemachine offers an abundance of powerful features. Targeting, transposing, grouping, noise, post-processing integration, split screen, mixing, blending, and more. Get started with our practical series of tutorial videos.

image: Pine by Twirlbound 

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Tips and Tricks – FRUIT BUMP

This blog post gives you some tips for getting the best out of Cinemachine in your 2D game and tells you how this tool can significantly speed up your development.

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Cinemachine and Timeline

Cinemachine was built to make it easy for everyone to add dynamic and beautiful shots to their projects. And it works hand in hand with Timeline, both for games and for film.

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Unity wins its first Technology and Engineering Emmy Award

For our collaboration with Disney Television Animation on the broadcast-quality short films “Baymax Dreams,” we were recognized with a Technology and Engineering Emmy® Award for excellence in engineering creativity that has materially affected the television viewing experience.

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Using Cinemachine

Get up and running quickly to create and tune cameras.

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