Plastic SCM

Unlock version control that works for your whole team. Work distributed, centralized, or both, with innovative visualization for artists and unmatched branching power.

Simple, powerful branching and merging

Iterate with ease with a full feature set that gives you one source of truth, allowing your teams to focus on content.

Distribute, centralize, or both – you decide

Seamlessly connect offices or remote team members without losing out to slow VPNs or network issues, or work centralized without cloned repositories. Blend approaches to suit your teams.

Integrated, with the Unity plugin (beta)

The Plastic for Unity Plugin (beta) lets you access version control system (VCS) features straight from the Unity Editor. Download it from the Asset Store to add a pending/incoming changes tab, easily view branches and launch the Plastic UI.

Samsung Electronics, South Korea

“All our developers use Plastic and we are satisfied with its very powerful features, such as Xlinks. We have accelerated development, implementation and testing of our new software and projects significantly, in particular due to the high-performance and very flexible super VCS tools.”

Samsung Electronics, South Korea
Rolls Royce Nuclear services, UK

“The GUI is fantastic for viewing the development of a project, with labels being used to identify builds, branches used to work on bugs. It makes auditing a much easier task to face.”

Rolls Royce Nuclear services, UK
Koboldgames GMBH, Switzerland

“Plastic can handle large files and repositories. The visual branch manager is excellent; our graphic designers can use it with ease. It’s easy to give an external person limited access to certain projects. We use Plastic for versioning our Unity3D projects with all project assets. That includes large textures, quest databases, even movies.”

Koboldgames GMBH, Switzerland
Tribe Studios, Malaysia

“As our team grew, we were looking for a source control solution. It was easy to set up Plastic, and the visual GUI helps us to manage our branches effortlessly. We are impressed with Plastic and the tools that come along with it, with the ability for Plastic to handle large projects with many binary files.”

Tribe Studios, Malaysia

Features and support for your team

With the right technology in place, your team can work to its highest level. Plastic SCM supports how both artists and developers work. Compare Plastic SCM against other leading VCS solutions to see what suits your needs.

No matter the size of your team, there’s a plan to help you meet your project goals.

Key benefits

Large files handled with ease

2.3x faster data transfer speeds through WAN-optimized transfers mean that even if your distributed team has huge files to collaborate on, they can work quickly and with confidence.

Visualize everything

Perform every operation from the easy-to-learn graphical user interface (GUI), enabling nontechnical team members to unlock the power of version control.

Full artist workflow

Plastic Gluon is a workflow tool specifically built for artists working in game development to let them work faster, pick up files easily and handle large binaries.

Strong security management

Set permissions for repositories, branches, labels and paths. With SSL, Active Directory, LDAP, encrypted servers and more, your data is secure.

Any engine, any platform, anywhere

Whatever system you’re building your project in, whatever OS you’re using, wherever your team is, Plastic can help you stay in control.

High performance, easy scaling

Check in, update and merge as fast as possible. Hundreds of developers can use the same server concurrently while managing huge files.

Learn more

Get started with Plastic

Find out about workflow, implementation, the basics of Plastic and much more with our helpful video guides showcasing features and use cases.

Level up your version control

If you’ve been using Collaborate but you’re keen to unlock more version control power for your team to work with, check our project migration guide.

Easy migration from anywhere

Discover how to move over from other VCS setups quickly and easily so you can enjoy a powerful, speedy and reliable solution.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between Plastic SCM and Collaborate?

Collaborate is great for teams with smaller projects. Plastic SCM is ideal for those who want a richer feature set that provides deeper control and larger teams with larger projects.

Can Plastic SCM be used only with Unity?

No, you can combine Plastic with almost any other software in your stack to unlock powerful version control support. However, the Plastic plugin for Unity makes using Plastic within the core engine extra intuitive.

How much does Plastic SCM cost?

Plastic SCM is free for up to 3 users per month with 5GB of cloud storage. Rates for 4+ users begin at $7/month per user for Cloud Tier and $23/month per user for the Enterprise tier. Get more info

How do I get started?

To get started with Plastic SCM, you just need to sign up to the service using your Unity Account. If you want to migrate your Collaborate project, you can use our migration wizard. If you have more questions before you get started, please feel free to contact us. 

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