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Animate with Unity
Create your first animated short
Join 3D animator Nathan Thomas as he takes you through his animated short, “Big Friendly Killbots.” Aimed at beginners, this guide will help you learn how to set up an animation workflow, create a new project in Unity, import assets, and even shoot scenes with the Unity Virtual Camera.

Elevated storytelling

This new 11-part series walks you through everything from setting up a Unity project to importing your animated character from Maya or Blender, all the way through to shooting your final scene with Virtual Camera and adding special effects.

Episode 1: Project overview
Episode 2: Getting started
Episode 3: Preparing assets in an asset creation tool
Episode 4: Setting up a project in Unity
Episode 5: Importing assets and blocking out a scene
Episode 6: Setting up a timeline with Sequences
Episode 7: Camerawork
Episode 8: Audio for animation
Episode 9: Developing your look in HDRP
Episode 10: Exporting your movie with Recorder
Episode 11: Wrapping up
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Make your first animation

Now you’ve seen the basics of Unity’s animation system, follow along with Nathan to build a basic example of “looting a chest”.

Use your own assets, or, download what Nathan uses here:

POLY STYLE - Medieval Village
Hyper Casual Chests
Magic Circle Fx Pack

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