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Create once, ship anywhere

Reach a wider audience with games that scale across platforms, giving players a consistent experience on all their devices. Create your game once and ship it to players across desktop, mobile, console, and VR without compromising your creative vision.

The URP 3D Sample is here. Discover how to create, customize, and scale beautiful multiplatform graphics. Learn more

Multiplatform tips and best practices

Learn the “how to” behind multiplatform gamedev. Hear success stories, get practical guidance, and begin your journey today.

Multiplatform Reading List
Tips for starting a multiplatform game
Webinar – On-demand

Two studios and industry experts share tips on kick-starting a multiplatform project – team building, prototyping, tool selection, project outlining, and more.

Desktop to console: Best practices with Microsoft
Webinar – On-demand

Three studios and hosts from Microsoft discuss best practices for bringing your desktop game to Xbox and other platforms.

Make it multiplatform

Reach more players by bringing your game to multiple platforms, including Web, desktop, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®, Xbox®, and Meta Quest.

Graphics of mouse, game controller and mobile phone

Choosing multiplatform

Shipping your game on multiple platforms helps you reach more players, wherever they play. This not only gives you a larger potential user base at launch, it also lets you re-engage your most dedicated fans as their hardware preferences change.

As new platforms with more complex APIs evolve, we advance our strategic partnerships to ensure that our platform support keeps growing alongside the industry, helping you extend your player base.

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Scalable visuals across platforms

The Universal Render Pipeline (URP) empowers developers to prioritize innovation, as performance and graphic fidelity are optimized across Unity’s supported platform ecosystem. Thanks to its scalability, customizability, and a rich feature set, URP offers you creative freedom for any type of project, from stylized visuals to physically based rendering.

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Accelerate multiplatform development

From a beautiful garden to a peaceful oasis to a spacecraft cockpit, the URP 3D Sample Scene is available in the Unity Hub and features environments to help you learn how to use URP optimally across desktop, console, mobile, and XR.

The journey starts in the Terminal, which takes advantage of physically based materials to offer a realistic rendering, while the Garden allows you to scale effortlessly on mobile devices and higher-end platforms. Access the Cockpit, a heavily stylized environment specifically tailored for VR headsets and lower-end mobile devices, and discover the Oasis to learn how URP can reach a higher level of visual quality for platforms with more performant GPUs.

The project is available inside the Unity Hub.

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Optimizing for multiplatform

Performance and graphic fidelity vary by console and device. To ensure players have a great experience anywhere, consider:

  • Prioritizing testing on your minimum-spec device to pinpoint baseline performance and use Unity’s profiling and debugging tools to prevent, identify, and fix performance problems across all platforms
  • Using the Addressable Asset System for content delivery when optimizing for web and mobile to ensure download size isn’t an issue
  • Optimizing team collaboration and project version control with solutions like Unity Version Control
  • Working directly with experts at Unity through Accelerate Solutions to achieve optimal performance across platforms
UGS key art

Maximizing reach with multiple platforms

When shipping your game on multiple platforms, it’s essential to ensure that it’s ready to grow so you can reach as many players as possible.

With Unity’s Data-Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS), you can scale your game efficiently because it enables you to iterate faster with C# code that’s easier to read and reuse across other projects.

Unity Gaming Services can help you build live games with tools for multiplayer services, game operations, user acquisition, and monetization.

Cloud Game Server Hosting (Multiplay) delivers performance and flexibility to your gaming infrastructure and provides the best experience to your players.

Understanding multiplatform costs and roadblocks

Multiplatform games come with challenges as well as opportunities for success.

You’ll want to make sure your game isn’t crashing or lagging on any of your target platforms. Unity Cloud Diagnostics enables you to filter crash and performance data, link it to different response teams, and set up custom dashboards to ensure your game runs smoothly on targeted hardware.

It can also be helpful to hear from creators who have taken their games from concept to launch. Unity Roundtable: Learn the true costs and tips for creating a game features industry-leading experts who share advice and game creation experiences.

LTS 2022

Maximize platform potential and iteration speed

Optimize your games for the latest platforms with Unity 2022 LTS.

  • Increase performance and stability using DirectX 12 graphics API on Windows and Xbox, and experiment with the latest ray tracing support for Xbox Series X|S. 
  • Iterate rapidly and deploy efficiently on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation® 5, and Nintendo Switch™ with the incremental player build process. 
  • Better manage WebGL memory, with native C++ multithreading, support for touch controls, and texture compression for mobile web builds. 
  • Build faster on PlayStation®VR2 and Meta Quest 2 with updated XR tools.
Fuel your ambitions

Unparalleled platform support

Unity for consoles

Unity offers resources to help developers bring their games to PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch™, including platform-specific build modules, extra features, learning materials, and premium forum support.

Unity for mobile game development

Create stunning, performant experiences backed by the platform used to create over half of the top 1,000 mobile games on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Unity for VR

Build immersive games with flexible tools that work across VR platforms. Unity supports leading headsets including Meta Quest and PlayStation®VR.

Unity for desktop game development

Unity provides one-click deployment support across PC, Mac, and web platforms.

Unity for web game development

Leverage Unity’s web solutions to offer your players near-instant access to their favorite games, no matter where they want to play.

Bring your game to life

Choose the world’s leading game platform plus an ecosystem of tools and services to take your game from concept to commercialization.

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