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Developing games for Nintendo Switch™
Create, launch, and operate your game with a comprehensive game development platform for Nintendo Switch™.
Your platform for Nintendo Switch development
Bring your game to Switch with Unity
Bring your game to Nintendo Switch

Learn more about tools and services for Nintendo Switch game development.

Universal Render Pipeline (URP)
Discover powerful creation tools

Explore advanced tools to help you take your game to the next level.

Player Engagement
Enhance player engagement on Nintendo Switch

Boost player engagement and retention while creating immersive multiplayer experiences with Vivox voice and text chat service.

How to develop Nintendo Switch games with Unity

Here’s how you can bring your game to Nintendo Switch:

  • Make your game
  • Apply for the closed console platform
  • Get the platform support add-on
  • Test on platform hardware and optimize
  • Implement platform-specific features
  • Build to the platform’s package format
  • Go through the platform’s testing process
  • Create art assets for the platform’s store
  • Release
Subnautica: Below Zero
Creating the undersea world of Subnautica

How does an indie studio bring a successful franchise to a new platform without compromising gameplay or tying up engineers for months? Unknown Worlds achieved this by partnering with the Accelerate Solutions team to bring Subnautica and Subnautica: Below Zero to Nintendo Switch.

Publishing DARQ on multiple platforms

Wlad Marhulets, creator of the award-winning game DARQ, is a multitalented solo developer who brought his first title to most major platforms. Learn about his experience publishing on multiple platforms, including PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation® 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch game development resources
Access for developing console games with Unity
Develop console games with Unity

Find out how to set up your development environment, profile and optimize performance, organize and debug your game content, and more.

Save memory with Addressables
Save memory with Addressables

Discover the advantages of using the Unity Addressable Asset System, and find resources for best practices and troubleshooting.

Porting to Switch
Tips on bringing your game to Nintendo Switch

Download this free e-book today for battle-tested tips to help you bring your games to Nintendo Switch.

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Ready to get started?

From workflow and integration to training and support, Unity can help you bring your game to Nintendo Switch.

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