Develop games for desktop platforms

Cutting-edge graphics technology, solutions that scale with your vision, and a deep support ecosystem help you keep your game on track.

Why build desktop games in Unity

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Solutions for desktop game development
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Let your artists play

Advanced graphics technology and intuitive tools let artists design worlds without worrying about performance, so gamers access the best experience their hardware can support.

Get Support
Supported by industry-leading partners

Unity’s partner ecosystem lets your project benefit from integration, optimization, and support from partners like Microsoft, Apple, Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD.

Success stories

Learn how creators of all sizes are leveraging the limitless potential of desktop systems to bring their visions to life.

Rendering realistic LEGO bricks in Unity

The developers at Light Brick Studio upgraded an award-winning mobile game with a stylized but realistically rendered PC game that enhanced immersion with advanced graphics features.

Bringing Bleak Sword from Apple Arcade to PC

Learn how more8bit used Unity to adapt a mobile-first hit Bleak Sword into Bleak Sword DX, an expanded and improved multiplatform edition.

Greak: Memories of Azur

Learn how Navegante developed a multiplatform 2D platformer for consoles and PCs for Greak: Memories of Azur in this Unity case study.

Are you ready to create?

See how Unity offers end-to-end support for your vision for desktop gaming with industry-leading graphics, scalable solutions, and deep industry partnerships.

Frequently asked questions

Does Unity support Linux?

The Unity Editor is available on Linux. For more information on its limitations and requirements see the system requirements documentation.

I’m just getting started with making games! Where should I go first?

Unity has excellent free tutorials for programmers, artists, and designers on Unity Learn.

How can I create a game for other platforms?

Unity supports development for multiple platforms. Visit these platform links to learn more: Mobile, Console, or AR/VR.

If I’m not interested in paying for premium technical support, what are my other options?

We have a large quantity of resources available in our Developer Tools section, including documentation, best practices, and more.

Where can I read the release notes for Unity?

The release notes for Unity are here.

How much does a Unity Pro license cost?

All Unity Pro features and purchasing information are available to view here.

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