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Unity 6 Preview is now available
Discover faster rendering, powerful lighting options, end-to-end multiplayer workflows, dynamic AI capabilities, and deeper support for mobile web runtimes. Download today and unlock console build access with Unity Pro.
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Expanded possibilities with Unity 6 Preview

Power larger scenes with boosted rendering, accelerate multiplayer creation, deliver exciting AI experiences across mobile, and reach more players with expanded web and XR features.

Get a head start using new and updated features for Unity 6, which is launching late this year.

Unity 6 key benefits

Boost rendering performance

Render larger, more complex worlds efficiently with GPU Resident Drawer, and access improved rendering and memory performance with Render Graph. With Spatial Temporal Post-Processing (STP), you can upscale your lower-resolution frames without any loss of fidelity.

Optimize lighting workflows

Enhance authoring iterations, visual fidelity, and memory efficiency with Adaptive Probe Volumes (APV), seamlessly create lighting transitions with scenario blending and sky occlusion, and access stable lightmap and probe baking with the new light-baking architecture.

Simplify multiplayer creation

Quick-start your multiplayer game creation with end-to-end solutions that connect players. Multiplayer Center recommends tools and services, Multiplayer Play Mode helps test your game, and Relay and Game Server Hosting streamline development, testing, and deployment.

Expand multiplatform reach with web runtimes

Reach more players with optimized web platform support for mobile browsers, and experiment with early access to the WebGPU support backend for desktop browsers. You can also improve gaming experiences on mobile with enhanced Android features, and tap into the Microsoft gaming ecosystem with the latest Microsoft GDK packages.

Deliver dynamic experiences with AI

Unity Sentis is a neural engine for integrating AI models into your device runtimes – no machine-learning expertise needed. Sentis empowers all Unity developers to add in-game features like object recognition, smart NPCs, graphics optimizations, and more.

Enhanced productivity and functionality

Unity 6 comes with several upgraded productivity tools and features. The improved UI Toolkit enhances the ease and flexibility of connecting data to UI elements, and better profiling options ensure you have a smooth and intuitive workflow.

Discover Unity 6

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Unity 6 Preview highlights

Discover more about the new features released in Unity 6 Preview.
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Download Unity 6 Preview today

Unity 6 is all about putting fast, easy game creation directly in your hands, no matter where your players are. Download Unity 6 Preview in the Unity Hub.

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