Unity for Mobile

Join the most active community of successful mobile game developers around, and you’ll get everything you need to develop efficiently, launch successfully, and make money with your mobile game.

The all-in-one platform for success in mobile games

More than a platform, Unity delivers everything you need for ongoing success in mobile games. Use it to develop quality content, grow your business and get support from a thriving community.

Create beautiful and engaging content

Everything you need in one editor

The editor makes prototyping fast and easy and supports your entire pipeline with built-in tools for animation, particle systems, audio mixing and support for third-party tools. It’s also fully extensible to meet your specific workflow needs.

The right style of graphics for your game

Unity comes with tools to support the workflow for 2D, 3D or a mix of the two. With Unity you are not limited to one or the other.

Native and high performance graphics

Unity supports iOS Metal and Vulkan enabling you to deliver native high-performance graphics on mobile.

Grow your business

Reach users on every platform

With Unity, you can build once, and optimize and deploy to Android, iOS, as well as to desktop and consoles or mobile AR / VR.

Keep users engaged and increase revenue

Integrated IAP, Ads and analytics tools offer the simplest way to optimize your content based on user interaction. Together they offer the best way to retain users and increase your revenue with the least amount of effort.

Get support from a thriving community

The world's most active game developer community

Did you know that 34% of the top 1000 free mobile games were made with Unity? You can learn from the creators in this thriving community, hire freelancers or find work, find answers and get involved in online discussions, live events and training.

The largest marketplace for assets and tools

Find thousands of assets to help you, so you can focus on the part of the project that inspires you most, and ultimately, ship your game faster and at a higher quality.

The latest technology

Get continuous updates to new features and improvements, and take advantage of our partnerships with the leading industry partners like Google, Microsoft, Vuforia, Oculus, Samsung and Facebook.

Unity’s new, highly-modular runtime lets you build instant games that are small, light and fast.

  • Complete control over your file size
  • Work with the Editor you know and love
  • Unparalleled performance and scalability


Learn more about Instant Games

From in-house tech to Unity

Studios behind brilliant titles like Hearthstone and Hitman Go talk about why they switched to Unity, covering:

  • Impact on work processes
  • Technical considerations
  • ROI 
  • Adoption tips

The most useful part of Unity, really, is the ease of use. It's so simple to develop a prototype very quickly, and that makes a huge difference for us.

Mario Lefebvre, Studio Tech Director, Hibernum Creations

The motivation to move away from our internal technology was really about challenging some of the perceptions about big game development.

Peter Young, Producer, Reflections

Moving to Unity for mobile really helped us focus on crafting compelling experiences instead of spending critical time building engines. 

Martin Ruel, Technical Director, Square Enix

A thing that was really great abut Unity was that it had native support for a lot of the tools that our artists like to use — Photoshop and Maya.

Jason Chayes, Production Director, Blizzard
What is included with Unity?

Everything you need for your mobile development workflow – from rapid prototyping to continuous improvement of live operations to earning maximum revenue.

Reach customers wherever they are

Deploy to all major and emerging mobile platforms

With Unity, you can build once, and optimize and deploy to Android, iOS, as well as to desktop and consoles or mobile AR / VR.

Be ready for new opportunities

PC, Mac, Console, VR, AR, or WebGL. Support for streaming contents with AssetBundles, support for Apple’s native App Slicing and On-Demand Resources

Native access to all the most common device features

Multi-touch, microphone and camera, motion sensors, vibration, and more

Support for the most common UI controls

An out-of-the-box multiplatform integrated UI system (in 3D world-space or screen-space)

Get paid on Mobile

Automate transaction flows in real time

With Codeless IAP you can easily port in-app purchases to multiple stores

Maximize revenue

Our ads network helps you make money from all those players who don't spend on IAP

Improve game performance

Unity Analytics gives you fast and easy access to important data that helps you improve your in-game economy and the player experience and reduce churn

Increase team productivity

Build games faster

Cloud Build for Unity Teams makes it simple to create and share game builds. It automatically compiles, deploys, and tests your game, so you can iterate quickly with your team.

Create together seamlessly

Collaborate for Unity Teams enables teams to save, share, and sync their project, so everyone is always up to date.

Discover app errors

Unity Performance Reporting automatically collects application errors across devices and platforms, so teams can find and address issues in real time.

2D features

Comprehensive Box2D physics

A wide range of effectors, joints and colliders

Speedy workflow

9-Slice reuse of images with variable dimensions

Easy to use sprite sheets

Import spritesheet on-the-fly and let Unity slice your spritesheet automatically

Create animations automatically

2D animation tools and state machine create animations from a series of sprites and animation state

Save space on textures

Ability to efficiently pack your textures and sprites into a single sprite atlas

3D features

Comprehensive support

  • NVIDIA® PhysX® 3.3
  • Support for 360-degree video player
  • Support for import of 3D models, animations and sprites from almost any 3D tools application, including .FBX, .OBJ, .Blend, .Max formats.
  • Full editor support for 3D-scene and level-design editing
  • Support for single-pass rendering on mobile VR
  • Full support for custom shaders and a wide range of mobile optimized image effects

Fully extendable

Work with whatever IDE you prefer

Unity's own IDE MonoDevelop is included for free, but we also offer Visual Studio native integration, and support for many other popular IDEs

Use powerful high-level C#

Fast and efficient programming and extensive community support

Customize to match your own workflow

Extend with your own custom inspectors and Editor Windows and find pre-made editor extensions from among thousands of options on the Unity Asset Store


  • Physically-based shading
  • Intuitive UI tools
  • Support for Vulkan
  • Metal including Compute
  • OpenGL hardware acceleration
  • Procedural instancing to optimize draw calls

Integrated editor tools

  • Real-time audio mixing, mastering and audio effects
  • Particle systems
  • AI features with advanced automated pathfinding and Navigation Meshes
  • Animation with easy to use dopesheet and state machine support
  • Advanced memory profiling
  • UI system to easily create menus and other user interfaces

Networking & multiplayer

Unity makes the complexities of real time networking easy. Turning a single-player game into a multiplayer game requires few changes to your existing scripts.

Low level APIs grant you access to the core of Unity Multiplayer’s framework, so you can optimize your game for a networked environment, however you want to.

Learn how it’s done straight from Unity experts

Trash Dash, a cartoon-style infinite runner for iOS & Android, is a complete demo game demonstrating how collaboration and monetization features contribute all the way through a project.

Make money from all your hard work


Unity delivers everything you need to develop quality free-to-play mobile games, engage and retain players, and drive the highest possible Lifetime Value (LTV).

How do you get started with Unity for Mobile?

Get a practical guide with information and resources that will get you on your way, save you time, and help you gain the most value when developing mobile games using Unity.

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