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Optimize your mobile game performance

Get the most out of Unity and boost your mobile game’s performance with in-depth tips from top studios.


Guide to mobile game monetization strategies

Learn how to grow your mobile game, keep your players engaged, and measure your success with this step-by-step guide.

Best practices for mobile UI design

Experts from Outfit7, Samsung, and Unity share strategies to help maximize the creativity and flow of your mobile games.

Ultimate profiling tips roundtable

SYBO Games (Subway Surfers) and Arm discuss the business implications of poor performance, and learnings from shipping a hit mobile game with three billion downloads to date.

Build a mobile hit with Unity

Scale a mobile-first business with a premium or F2P monetization model (ads or IAP).

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers

Read the case study to learn how SYBO and Unity’s 10-year partnership led Subway Surfers to remain one of the top mobile games.

  • Became the first game to surpass 1 billion downloads on the Google Play Store
  • Installed a million times daily after 10 years
  • Maintains over 100 million monthly average users (MAU)
  • Downloaded over 3 billion times, it’s one of the top mobile games of all time
Tinytouchtales: Card Thief


Learn how Arnold Rauers of Tinytouchtales built his business using Unity and the Unity Asset Store.

  • Launched a successful mobile business with €121K ($131K USD) in annual revenue since 2015
  • Reached 1.1 million yearly downloads across iOS and Android stores
  • Offered games in 15+ languages using Unity TextmeshPro and I2 Localization 
  • Reduced iteration times by prototyping with Unity Asset Store resources
Fantasian, by Mistwalker


Discover how Mistwalker used Unity to optimize a 60-hour JRPG for mobile in this case study.

  • Brought a complex 500 GB masterpiece to a mobile-friendly 4 GB version with automated scripts and tools
  • Reproduced over 150 dioramas using photogrammetry
  • Cut the time spent debugging shaders by up to 66% by following draws in sequence with the Unity Frame Debugger
  • Saved months in 3D modeling and animation by leveraging the Unity Asset Store
Passion Punch Studio

Passion Punch Studio

Learn how Passion Punch Studio reduced their app’s download size with Unity’s Cloud Content Delivery (CCD). 

  • Decreased first-time install size by 70% on Android and iOS
  • Tested multiple content ideas across different platforms using CCD
  • Streamlined content deployment by decreasing error-prone delivery of assets
Expand to a mobile player base

Go multiplatform by growing your audience with a mobile version of your game.

Aruku Immortality


Learn how Sam Barlow’s Half Mermaid team crafted the award-winning IMMORTALITY and expanded to mobile in partnership with Netflix Games.

  • Imported and tagged a 300-page script into a nonlinear interactive experience
  • Optimized and rendered over 200 video thumbnails and transitions using the C# Job System
  • Condensed 10 hours of high-definition video footage and audio into an 11 GB download
  • Nominated for Best Narrative, Best Performance, Best Direction at The Game Awards 2022

Read how IMMORTALITY’s match-cut mechanic was designed in this blog by Sam Barlow.

Crying Suns

Learn how Alt Shift brought their story-rich spacefaring experience to mobile and reached more than one million players.

  • Perform 90% of testing across devices directly in the Unity Editor using custom extensions
  • Reduce game memory footprint from 1.5 GB to 1.1 GB using the Unity Addressable Asset System
  • Minimize launch crunch with built-in Unity Cloud Build CI/CD
  • Preserve Crying Suns’s PC richness on smartphone screens

Features and services for mobile game development

See why Unity is the solution of choice across the end-to-end mobile game lifecycle.

Create with Unity Pro Discover services
Support to scale your projects
Unity Pro | Success Plans

Gain prioritized customer service and scale to (or from) closed platforms with Unity Pro, and minimize project obstacles with hands-on support through Success Plans.

Maximize mobile performance
Addressables | Profiling

Ensure your release remains performant across devices with the Addressable Asset System and other profiling tools.

Design high-quality, scalable graphics and UI
Universal Render Pipeline (URP) | UI Toolkit

Deliver beauty with speed and performance across all Unity-supported platforms with the Universal Render Pipeline (URP), and create screen overlay UI that runs on a wide variety of screen resolutions using UI Toolkit.

Mobile-ready art and tools
Unity Asset Store

Discover time-saving assets that help reduce cost and complexity at every stage of production through the Unity Asset Store.

Launch quickly with quality
Cloud Content Delivery | Game Backend | DevOps

Get your game playable and to market quickly. Add content rapidly to keep players engaged and coming back for more and deploy faster with a CI/CD pipeline supporting Android and iOS.

Gain insight into player behavior

Understand what motivates your players so you can build customized experiences that connect.

Drive sustainable revenue
Ads | Mediation | User acquisition | In-app purchases

Integrate ads or in-app purchases into your game without compromising on player experience. Access tools to acquire users and increase ad demand.

Backend across devices and platforms
Authentication | Cloud Save | Cloud Code | Economy | Remote Config

Build your live game and iterate as you grow with Unity’s backend tools.

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Frequently asked questions

What mobile games are made with Unity?

Over 70% of mobile games are created using the Unity game engine. Just a few of the thousands of mobile games made with Unity include:

Find more made with Unity stories here.

How can I use the Universal Render Pipeline?

You can build a mobile game that runs on a variety of platforms by using the Universal Render Pipeline (URP). This detailed technical e-book walks you through an introduction to URP, including lighting, shaders, and more. Read more here.

How can I reduce build size?

Learn how you can reduce your build size and stop asking players to download new game versions when you push updates. Read more here.

What are best practices to follow for making mobile games?

Learn how Alt Shift, Broken Arms Games, Light Brick Studio, Robot Squid, and Superplus Games navigate the challenges and opportunities of the rapidly expanding mobile game market.

How can I learn to create a mobile game?

Unity Learn has a wide variety of tutorials and sample projects to get you started. We recommend just a couple of examples to help you dive in:

Trash Dash is an endless runner sample, teaching coding architecture as well as applications of Cloud Build, Ads/IAP and Unity Analytics. 

Tanks! is a tutorial project that will teach things like basic input, physics, audio and mixing and game architecture.

Find more learning examples at Unity Learn.

How can I successfully market a mobile game?

Check out an e-book created to help you develop a soft launch strategy, market effectively, and get more out of your creative assets. Read more.

How can I build a live service mobile business?

Learn how to set up an innovative live service, design impactful content, and improve retention and engagement in your game with this free course.

How do I maximize revenue from my game?

Learn how to increase your mobile game revenue in this free course for indie developers.

What’s an entry point to publishing a mobile game?

Our new Runner template’s features make it easier to create your own unique, high-quality games in a popular genre that will stand out on app stores. Learn more here.

What are best practices for maximizing long-term player value?

Learn how minimizing user acquisition costs and maximizing player value can lead to a strong lifetime value metric.

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