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Enhanced crash monitoring on any platform
Boost your game's stability with Cloud Diagnostics Advanced. Powered by Backtrace, this tool identifies and resolves crashes and errors, ensuring a smoother player experience.
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Visible reporting for a more stable game

Uncover and resolve the crashes and errors affecting your game performance, player experience, and damaging your revenue goals. Cloud Diagnostics Advanced, powered by Backtrace, offers an enhanced crash and error reporting solution that is built to handle the complexity of games and scales up to handle crashes and errors for millions of players.

Key features
Capture every issue

Generate structured crash reports to help you process errors across your stack with a single system via cross-platform call stack and event aggregation and monitoring.

Prioritize causes

Answer the questions that matter to you with Cloud Diagnostics Advanced’s query engine. Prioritize based on number of hosts or clients impacted, runtime data, or custom attributes.

Resolve major errors

Automated analysis and effective error management cuts down on resolution time by surfacing important signals that lead engineers to the cause of the crash.

Highly customizable and flexible

Set up your crash and error reports to capture all the extra data you need to diagnose problems and fix what is happening to your players.

Integrations for any workflow

Incorporate debug data into your teams’ existing workflows SCM, alerting, ticket tracking, messaging, and more to enable seamless error management.

Unite Now Backtrace webinar
Unite Now Backtrace webinar

Join Backtrace and Respawn Entertainment for a discussion about how teams can provide a better gaming experience by attacking debug time and reducing gameplay-impacting crashes.

backtrace guide
On-demand Backtrace guides

Build your knowledge of Backtrace with a large assortment of demos, guides, and webinars that go over the key features of the platform.

nimble giant
Nimble Giant case study

See how using Backtrace made it easier for the Nimble Giant team to aggregate, triage, and resolve crashes and errors.

perfect world
Perfect World case study

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios improve their game stability and their player experience by using Backtrace for their crash and error reporting.

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Review the manual to help you get Cloud Diagnostics Advanced up and running.


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Cloud Diagnostics for Unity Plus, Pro, and Enterprise
  • Supports Unity engine
  • Supports Mobile and PC
  • 10,000 crash and exception reports per day
  • 1 GB reports storage
  • 90 day data retention
  • Integrations with Webhook, Email, Slack, MS Teams, Discord, and Jira
Cloud Diagnostics Advanced, powered by Backtrace
  • Supports Unity engine
  • Supports Mobile, PC, Console, and more
  • 1,000,000 crash and exception reports per month
  • 100 GB reports storage
  • 90 day data retention
  • Integrations with Webhook, Email, Slack, MS Teams, Discord, Asana, Jira and Advanced Jira Assignee controls
  • More customizable and more detailed reporting options
  • Custom exception grouping and de-duplication
  • Filter and search by custom metadata

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Cloud Diagnostics Advanced, powered by Backtrace, provides enhanced real-time error monitoring to help you identify, investigate, and resolve crashes and exceptions. Improve your game's stability on any platform.