CI/CD with Unity

Making quality games means testing early and often and releasing frequently. Automate manual work with continuous integration/continuous deployment/delivery (CI/CD), and keep development moving.

Alt Shift minimizes launch crunch with CI/CD and DevOps best practices. Tell me more

Build and release often – at higher quality

Frequent releases are essential for testing and quality assurance, but build pipelines are resource-intensive and time-consuming to maintain, especially when you’re targeting multiple platforms. Eliminate bottlenecks and maximize reach and engagement by automating deployment with Cloud Build.

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Crying Suns by Alt Shift

Build in the cloud

Unity’s turnkey CI/CD solution automatically creates multiplatform builds in the cloud, so you can deliver quality games to a bigger audience more quickly than ever.

Build on-premises

Scale your on-prem build capacity with on-demand or automated builds on dedicated network hardware. Empower IT to deploy and manage build infrastructure at scale.

Benefits of CI/CD tools with Unity

Instant setup

Get up and running quickly using your Unity ID, and start deploying builds immediately, whether you’re developing in the cloud or on-prem.

Effective automation for continuous everything

In DevOps, if it isn’t automated, it’s broken. Deploy to the cloud after a successful merge with Cloud Build or 24/7 on dedicated network hardware with Build Server.

Reduce tool complexity

Build for multiple platforms simultaneously in the cloud or on-prem. With Unity build solutions, there’s no need to maintain unique infrastructure for each environment, simplifying and reducing repetition in your workflow.

Best-in-class DevOps integrations

Unity is your one-stop shop for development workflows. Our solutions work seamlessly with the Editor and other tools like the Addressable Asset Management system, Cloud Content Delivery, and version control.

Get ROI on time

Ensure your team stays focused on high-value tasks that make an impact, rather than wasting time on menial work like IT management or waiting for builds to complete.

Operate with agility

Releasing often with automations empowers your team to detect issues early and respond to feedback quickly, speeding development and reducing player churn.


Crying Suns

Learn how Alt Shift minimized launch crunch with Unity Cloud Build CI/CD by rapidly prototyping for iOS and Android to determine if going mobile was worth the investment.

Get started with Cloud Build

You can set up Cloud Build from either the Developer Dashboard or the Unity Editor. Learn more here.

Cloud Build knowledge base

Read through common questions and get advice on setting up Cloud Build.

Get started with Unity’s DevOps tools

You need to focus on delivering player value, not navigating a complex toolchain. Iterate quickly and leverage the best of source code management and automation for your project.

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