Unity Build Automation

Making quality games means having a CI/CD pipeline that’s ready for frequent testing and releasing. Automate your build pipeline in the cloud and keep development moving with Unity Build Automation.

Alt Shift minimizes launch crunch with CI/CD and DevOps best practices. Tell me more

Build and release often – at higher quality

Frequent releases are essential for testing and quality assurance, but build pipelines are resource-intensive and time-consuming to maintain, especially when you’re targeting multiple platforms. Eliminate bottlenecks and maximize reach and engagement by automating deployment with Unity Build Automation.

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Cloud Build is now Build Automation, a component of Unity DevOps

Build Automation in the cloud

Unity Build Automation is our new name for Cloud Build. It’s the same solution with the same technology, and it’s still empowering creators to automate builds in the cloud to iterate rapidly, increase innovation, and deliver higher-quality games to market. Hear how our creators have released better games using Cloud Build technology, and discover what Unity Build Automation could do for your team.

What is CI/CD?

CI/CD reduces code errors and defects, making it crucial to every DevOps workflow. It involves the practice of frequently integrating code changes, automating code integrations, and auto-releasing final builds to end-users.

How Build Automation works

1. Setup

Point Build Automation to your version control system.

2. Trigger

Commit a change to your project.

3. Build

On trigger, a build is automatically created.

4. Deploy

Your team is notified when the build is complete and ready to use.

Benefits of CI/CD tools with Unity

Instant setup

Get up and running immediately using your Unity ID. You can choose to do a quick target setup and create your build configuration in seconds, select the advanced target setup flow and control every configuration available, and even clone existing target configurations.

Reduce costs and save time

Move your local build pipeline to the cloud to automate game builds with every update, eliminating the need to build on local machines, maintain build farms, or purchase and maintain specific infrastructure to support specific platforms.

Cross platform builds

Streamline your ability to build for multiple platforms. Set up build configurations for each platform and trigger builds across platforms, including Universal Windows Platform, simultaneously, as often as you want.

Improved collaboration and consistency

Build automatically every time a change is committed to VCS to empower developers to work on different portions of the game simultaneously while ensuring every team always has access to the most recent version.

Works with your existing tools

Build Automation is built to seamlessly slot into your existing tech stack, allowing you to connect Build Automation to the Version Control solution of your choice. You can also send UBA notifications to your email, Slack, and Discord.

API support

Use the API to further integrate Build Automation into your existing tools and workflows, or to automate certain tasks related to build and deployment. This can be useful for managing complex configurations or creating builds for multiple platforms.

Build options at Unity

Build in the cloud

Unity Build Automation automatically creates multiplatform builds in the cloud, so you can deliver quality games to a bigger audience with agility. Try it today with Unity DevOps.

Build on-premises

Build Server licensing can scale your on-prem build capacity with on-demand or automated builds on dedicated network hardware. Empower IT to deploy and manage build infrastructure at scale.


Join the community

Ask questions, learn from the Build Automation Community, and engage with the engineering team.

Get started with Build Automation

You can set up Build Automation from either the Developer Dashboard or the Unity Editor. Learn more here.

Build Automation knowledge base

Read through common questions and get advice on setting up Build Automation.

Customer stories

Learn how Second Dinner leverages Unity Build Automation and other Unity Gaming Services (UGS) to continuously deliver engaging updates for MARVEL SNAP!.

Read how solo developer Thomas Waterzooi used randomization and procedural generation in Please Touch the Artwork.

Learn how Alt Shift minimized launch crunch with Unity CI/CD solutions by rapidly prototyping for iOS and Android to determine if going mobile was worth the investment.

Get started with Unity’s DevOps tools

You need to focus on delivering player value, not navigating a complex toolchain. Iterate quickly and leverage the best of source code management and automation for your project.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a project size limit?

There is no project size limit. With the introduction of Premium Builders, you can select each machine type to see how much disk space a machine type has. For customers who wish to build larger projects, you must choose a premium machine type.

What platforms does Build Automation support?

Build Automation supports iOS, Android, WebGL, Windows Desktop, Universal Windows Platform (UWP), macOS, and Linux from a single Unity project.

What do I need to use Unity Build Automation?

You need a source control repository and access to Unity DevOps. Git, Subversion (SVN), Mercurial, and Perforce are supported version control systems. Additionally, Build Automation works with Unity Version Control within Unity DevOps.

Do you charge for storage in Build Automation?

Yes, storage is billed within Unity DevOps. While the first 5 GB-hour are free, storage across all Unity DevOps components is shared between Unity Version Control and Build Automation, and additional storage must be purchased. View current pricing

What happened to Cloud Build?

Unity Build Automation is our new brand name for Unity Cloud Build, now that we’ve moved it into our unified Unity DevOps solution. It is the same great solution with the same great technology, simply under a new brand name.

How do I create a source control repository?

See our Unity Build Automation technical documentation.

Does Build Automation support custom requirements?

Yes. Contact us with your specific requirements for a consultation.

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