Platform Partners

Unity partners with leading organizations across a range of platforms, technology products, and services to broaden audience reach and enrich user experience.

Our partners


We work side-by-side with Apple throughout the development process to ensure that creators have the best experience across a range of devices.


From creating, operating and monetizing games, to building mobile AR content and harnessing cloud-based simulation products, Google and Unity have long nurtured a broad strategic partnership to enable developer success across industries.

Magic Leap

Magic Leap is at the forefront of the spatial computing and AR revolution. Our partnership allows Unity creators to build stunning, full-feature apps for this forward-looking platform.


Our collaboration with Microsoft enables developers to easily create and deploy content to a variety of Microsoft platforms, services, and devices such as Xbox, Havok, and the HoloLens 2.


By partnering with Nintendo, we enable developers to bring thousands of games live on Nintendo Switch, one of most popular console platforms in the world.


We work closely with Oculus to bring Unity creators the latest tools, support, and learning content they need to build immersive VR content that transports audiences into breathtaking and inspiring worlds.


Our partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment enables our developers to build games and VR experiences for some of the best-selling gaming platforms out there, such as Sony PlayStation and Sony PlayStation VR.

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