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Build for XR and spatial computing
Create immersive games, apps, and industry solutions for a new era of extended reality.
Get expert tips on designing exceptional graphics for Apple Vision Pro
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One engine, various immersion levels
Owlchemy Labs
Create stunning immersive XR games that transport your players to new worlds, captivate them in compelling stories, and connect them to unique social experiences.
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Create apps and experiences that help your users increase productivity, embrace a more mindful life, or manage their day-to-day tasks.
Industry use case of XR
Deliver interactive experiences that drive sales, provide valuable training, and solve your toughest visualization challenges.
Ramen VR using headset
Virtual reality (VR)
Build VR tools, apps, and games that fully transport your audience to new worlds.
Industry use of AR technology
Augmented reality (AR)
Create mobile AR experiences that overlay 3D content onto the real world to bridge the gap between mobile devices and our shared environment.
An example of spatial computing
Spatial computing
Make your spatial experiences memorable for customers by combining virtual elements with the physical world for a higher degree of interactivity.

Reach leading XR platforms

Our cross-platform support enables you to build XR apps that reach leading devices such as Meta Quest, Apple iOS and visionOS, PlayStation®VR2, and OpenXR-powered headsets to reach people wherever they are.

Meta Quest
Microsoft HoloLens

Tools, tech, and resources to help you create

Get a head start with great tools to build with, whether you’re innovating an industry application or building the next big XR game.

URP Collage: All sample scenes
XR documentation, tools, and templates

Unity’s purpose-built, cross-platform tools like XR Interaction Toolkit, XR Hands, and AR Foundation help you add key functionality such as object detection, occlusion, locomotion, hand gestures, object interaction, and more.

Kick-start your project by accessing our AR and VR templates and XR Interaction Toolkit samples.

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XR courses to get started

Access free educational resources and explore products that enable you to seamlessly design, optimize, and deploy XR applications for games and industries.

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Universal Render Pipeline (URP)

Discover how URP lets you create rich graphics with optimized frame rates so you can deliver powerful and immersive experiences on your target XR platforms.

Success stories
LEGO Builder's Journey
Mixed reality meets LEGO
Light Brick Studio

Learn how this enterprising studio brought LEGO Builder’s Journey to Apple Vision Pro in under three months.

Skanska screenshot
Increase worker safety with VR

Collaborating with creative XR agency OutHere, construction firm Skanska implemented a VR experience into their worker-safety training to help reduce risk & accidents on job sites.

Zenith: The Last City
Big bold indie VR game
Ramen VR

Learn how Ramen VR conquered “gamedev on hard mode” and brought players together in the world’s first cross-platform VR MMO, Zenith: The Last City.

XR Solutions
Build your XR experience today with Unity

Create astounding experiences and industry solutions with our robust XR tools and easily deploy them across multiple platforms.