Unity Hub release notes

Find out what’s new in the latest Unity Hub releases.



Apr. 25, 2022

Bug Fixes & Improvements

This patch corrects an issue where the long-term support (LTS) tag, which designates our most stable releases with two years of support, did not appear in the Hub, and therefore 2021.3 was not listed in the LTS category. The LTS tag is now applied to 2021.3 and it will now show up in the install flow.


Mar. 16, 2022


  • This Hotfix eliminates an issue where a third-party library was able to create an empty text file on the desktop of people using this release version. While it was a nuisance, the issue did not include malicious functionality. Any user that had this file appear on their desktop after updating the Unity Hub can delete this file.


Mar 16, 2022

New features

  • To make organizing your projects easier, we’ve added a favorites feature so you can easily filter through the projects that matter most to you.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • We’ve fixed multiple licensing-related bugs that users have reported, including:

    • Serial number activation errors – the Hub will now provide more details about activation failure
    • License files were removed after updating the Hub – the cause has been fixed.
  • When starting the Hub application, some users reported seeing a blank screen. We have fixed several causes of this issue.
  • Additionally, some users reported that the Hub crashed while updating to a new version. This issue has been fixed.
  • Users on Windows were experiencing problems downloading custom editors and modules. This issue has been resolved.
  • There was an issue that prevented Visual Studio status from updating while in the Install modal. We’ve addressed this issue.
  • We’ve improved the start-up time for users opening the Hub on Intel Mac devices.
  • We’ve added keyboard support for creating a new project.


Jan. 24, 2022

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Fixed issue with Hub not loading when an Editor installation path includes spaces + hyphens
  • Fixed issue with Hub not loading in some proxy enabled environments
  • Fixed issue with locating a project opening in the wrong editor version
  • Fixed issue where Hub would try to load corrupt project data


Jan. 10, 2022

What’s new

The release of Hub V3 provides access to a new and improved project creation flow, download management, Linux support, a redesigned first-time onboarding flow, license management, and Apple silicon support. In addition to this, Hub V3 also comes with Dark Mode. Stay tuned for further updates and additions.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Fixed issue causing Hub to crash on start when an internet connection is not available
  • Adding missing analytic information for learn templates


Jul. 22, 2021

Bug fixes

  • Fixing downgrade flow that prevented users from creating and adding projects when going back to v2 from v3 beta
  • On Mac, reintroduced capability for Hub to install VisualCode with additional rights that enable development workflows


Jul. 8, 2021

What's new

  • Add Unity Pulse link in Community Resources
  • Beta channel onboarding to facilitate v3 discovery

Bug fixes

  • Minor correction on LTS labeling that was mistagging located or custom builds


Mar. 16, 2021

What’s new

  • Deprecating Unity Connect and replacing it with Unity Play
  • Minor UI changes to reflect 2020.3 LTS official release

Bug fixes

  • Solving license issue that was causing errors in update dates
  • Fixing LTS badges not showing properly in the installs page


Oct. 22, 2020

What’s new

  • Added dynamic icons and improved editor version compatibility for dynamic templates
  • Added Android SDK platforms version 29 (editors 2019.4 and above)
  • Added Android NDK version 21d (editors 2021 and above)

Bug fixes

  • Fixes a bug with licensing activation on MacOS where the Serial Number is missing


Sept. 29, 2020

What’s new

  • LEGO Microgame

    • Minor update to LEGO Microgame Terms of Service
    • Add missing translation
  • LTS version recommendation UI improvement

Bug fixes

  • Fix for age gate check when license is inactive
  • Download progress bug fix: located editor version was marked as corrupt when first download attempt from hub is interrupted
  • Linux IL2CPP module installation location fix


Sept. 9, 2020

What’s new

  • Dynamic templates

    • Discover new templates via the create project window
    • Download new templates for existing editors
    • Upgrade existing templates bundled with the editor
    • Age Check for LEGO Microgame
  • Support adding modules via the editor
  • Enhancements to the Learn tab
    • Toast messages replaced with more intuitive messaging
    • Missing editor warning more apparent
  • UX Improvements
    • Better handling of cloud project refresh on the projects tab
    • Dialog message for already open projects instead of a toast notification
    • Added beta feedback form link to the hub release update dropdown
    • Editor install errors handled more gracefully
    • Removed “Next Update” from licensing tab
  • CLI
    • Adding child modules support

Bug fixes

  • Mac module for linux based editors fully supported
  • The Hub validates the editor install location on the preferences page
  • Security fix for communications with the editor


May 25, 2020

What’s new

  • Users are prompted to subscribe to the beta channel to receive beta release updates for the first time via the beta promotion pop up window.
  • New advanced tab to allow users to select the channel they want to subscribe to.
    • Beta channel - receive beta release update, can downgrade to current production version.
    • Production channel - receive official release update.
  • Hub update toast moved to header on the top-right corner.
  • Unite Now information available in the Community tab.

Bug fixes

  • Hub appears with the Unity Hub icon in the Linux launcher bar.
  • Archive link opens install dialog with corresponding editor in Hub.
  • Project’s “Reveal in Explorer” option opens the parent directory of the project and highlights the project directory.
  • Introduced a fallback mechanism to licensing code in order to support more varied network configurations, including VPN and Plug n’ Play adapters.


Apr. 27, 2020

What's new

  • New Troubleshooting Menu. Users can now access

    • Release Notes
    • Link to Hub Documentation
    • Machine Log files
    • Bug Reporter
  • Child modules of Android build support are autoselected when the parent module is selected

New fixes

  • For Mac Catalina OS, Hub permissions are now passed for camera and other Unity Editor related features
  • Licensing related fixes
    • Licensing no longer crashes when there is an empty serial number on macOS
    • Better detection of primary network interface, to address the MAC address issue


Mar. 3, 2020

What's new

  • macOS notarization support
  • New Community tab (beta)

New fixes

  • Authentication for proxy server environment variables
  • Incorrect Android NDK/SDK/JDK install location on Linux
  • Incorrectly triggering multiple installations of the same editor 
  • Windows license activation errors
  • "Unity is already on the list." error on project open
  • Google sign-in


Dec. 17, 2019

Bug fixes

  • Fixed how system & user environment variables are applied
  • Fixed user privileges elevation blocked by anti-virus software

Known issues:

  • macOS Catalina: Need to manually approve the Hub app in your system Security Settings


Nov. 29, 2019

(Windows and macOS Only)

Bug fixes

  • Show the release candidates under the pre-releases in the add editor dialog


Nov. 27, 2019

(Windows and macOS Only)


  • Upgrade of Electron/Chromium/Node
  • Passing the environment variables that are changed after the hub launch
  • Notarized macOS artifacts

Bug fixes

  • Fixed multiple bugs related to the license activation on Windows


Oct. 23, 2019


  • Added FPS template for the new user onboarding flow in the hub

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the issue where login windows was getting closed
  • Fixed multiple issue related to license activation
  • Fixed the issue where the install page was empty (not fully rendered)
  • Fixed the issue with Linux diskUsage for external/mounted drives
  • Fixed the magic leap component icon
  • Fixed the localization issues in the create project window
  • Updated the hub icon
  • Fixed the issue where user could not open the project when only one non-matching editor was installed
  • Improved localization
  • Fixed the issue where the project list was empty in some race conditions


Sept. 17, 2019

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the issue with learn content translation on the initial load
  • Fixed the issue where version dropdown in project page was hiding under the header


Sept. 5, 2019


  • Option to switch language in the hub and in the new user on-boarding flow
  • Added default "current platform" to the build platform dropdown
  • Changed executable name for Linux

Bug fixes

  • Fixing the bug when missing temp folder fails the download
  • Fixed the bug where adding project was failing for Linux
  • Fixed the flickering in the mac tray menu
  • Fixed the issue where CLI was hanging when the syntax was not correct
  • Fixed the issue where the window size was growing!


Aug. 7, 2019


  • Added advanced project settings where user can specify the editor CLI arguments when launching a project
  • Introducing Unity Hub CLI for the following features (Preview)
    • Installing an editor
    • Adding a module to an installed editor
    • Changing the installation path
    • Showing the installed/located editors and available editors to be downloaded
    • For testing the CLI, try the followings (notice the extra --)
      • Windows "Unity Hub.exe" -- --headless help
      • MacOS /Applications/Unity\ Hub.app/Contents/MacOS/Unity\ Hub -- --headless help
      • Linux Unity\ Hub.AppImage -- --headless help
  • New learn tab
  • Enabled maximize button and remember the position/dimension of the windows
  • Ability to remove projects
  • Ability to download the missing editor when opening a project (for projects created with Unity 2018.3+)
  • Added a link to the development dashboard for projects with collaborative service enabled
  • Fixed the issue where the username in the tray menu was not escaped
  • Fixed issue related to the uninstall-queued message
  • Fixed the issue with Facebook build support for Linux
  • Improved the copy and translations around the application

New user onboarding flow

  • Download the templates on demand (better iteration, smaller artifacts)
  • Use 2018.4 LTS as suggested editor
  • Replace Team ball template with an empty 3d template


July 17, 2019

  • Install the mono only when the hub is installing the visual studio
  • Install a proper version of Android NDK depending on the editor version


July 8, 2019

  • Separate official releases from alpha and beta ones in the add editor
  • Fallback to non-proxy when the hub failed to retrieve the proxy config


June 18, 2019

  • Fix the issue where the hub was not loading behind some proxy servers
  • Fix the issue where the UI was not properly loading when there was a timeout.
  • In the learn tab, we are using the latest stable available editor to launch the learning material.
  • In the NEW project button, we are using the last selected version to create a project with
  • In the project list, a tooltip will show up after 1sec to show the full path of the project


June 3, 2019

  • Fixed the issue with download Collab project open two save dialog
  • Fixed Platform selection ignored in some cases when open project
  • Caching the Organizations
  • Show project path directly on the project list
  • Fixed skip Editor upgrade dialog when Hub upgrade dialog not displayed
  • Change project list columns keep to right with fixed size except for title column
  • Add visual feedback to Add project


May 13, 2019

What’s new in Hub v2.0?

  • A new product UI/UX architecture enabling to deliver a better user experience
  • New features in the Project tab like Sort & Search projects and Reveal in Explorer/Finder Installs: Improved visualization on what components are installed, and Reveal in Explorer/finder Responsive UI - resize the main desktop window Native Unity Editor License Management: Direct access to license management from the Hub preferences
  • Support for Japanese, Chinese and Korean language localization

What’s fixed

  • Editor logs now included in Hub bug reporter
  • License activation error retrieve machine identifier on select Windows 10 machines
  • Users with special characters in OS username can now activate their license
  • No more frequent network checks; we will not block any action due to network connectivity and only show errors/warnings

The following features have removed/deprecated since Hub 1.6.2.

  • In the Create Project UI, the Analytics service toggle has been removed from the UI and is disabled by default.
  • In the create project, the Add Asset Package popup has been removed. The feature is still being re-evaluated whether or not to re-include in parity with Hub v1.x
  • The preferred Unity Editor is deprecated, and if an Editor version is not found, we will use the latest version available.


May 2, 2019

  • A hotfix to address the issue where the hub was sending multiple requests to Unity servers.


Apr. 15, 2019

  • A hotfix for the Mac Mojave Eula Dark mode, and Windows Eula links


Mar. 7, 2019

  • Fix the issue with the cloud projects
  • Remove projects from the list when they are removed from the file system
  • Provide user organization info to the editor
  • Fix the issue with multiple update license requests


Mar. 9, 2022

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Added keyboard support for creating a new project
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Hub to crash while updating to the new Hub version
  • Improved start-up time on Intel Mac devices
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Visual Studio status from updating while in the Install modal
  • Removed the “rename” project feature to continue to iterate


Feb. 9, 2022

What’s new

  • Added the ability to rename projects from the Hub

    • Known limitations (Will be fixed in next release):

      • Renaming removes the project’s command line arguments
      • Renaming removes the project from list of favorites
  • Added the ability to favorite projects for easy filtering and quick access
  • Added support for Forma entitlements

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Fixed multiple licensing related bugs

    • Serial number activation errors now provide more details about activation failure
    • Fixed an issue where license files were being removed
  • Fixed an issue that was sometimes causing Hub to show a blank screen on startup
  • Fixed failures when downloading custom editors and modules on Windows


Dec. 13, 2021

What’s new

  • On Linux, Hub is now distributed through RPM and Debian repositories. You can find more information and documentation here

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Fixed pixelated icon on Windows
  • Project opening now correctly hides Hub according to Preferences
  • Adding missing WebGL module during First Time User flow
  • Fixed window controls on Linux
  • Fixed license activation on Windows 7
  • Added back “Open Unity Hub” option in tray menu when no license is activated
  • Support for all services-config.json flags
  • Fixed metadata for templates sometimes showing up incorrectly
  • Improved Visual Studio Community 2019 detection
  • Fixed project files or folders locked by Hub
  • Added support for spaces in advanced project settings arguments
  • Fixed login in editor after the computer was put to sleep
  • UI improvements in projects list, trucating/wrapping editor version when needed, and in modals requiring scrolling
  • Fixed deleted projects reappearing after restart
  • Android modules downloaded with the Hub now include API level 30 support
  • Fixed detection of installed Apple silicon editors


Oct. 25, 2021

What’s new

Install new Apple silicon Editor

  • Download and install Apple silicon Editors through the Hub

    • Note: Currently, Hub only supports the installation of either Apple Intel or Apple silicon Editors at a time for a given version. Concurrent or “side-by-side” workflows will be available soon
  • Visual badge/label to distinguish Apple Intel vs. Apple silicon editors
  • Apple silicons Editors are also available through CLI

Bug fixes & improvements


  • Improved support and better integration. Download the latest .tgz archive for Linux available here: https://unity.com/download and check out the README file for instructions on how to run the scripts provided
  • Fixed slowness when opening Hub

License management

  • Increased timeout for licensing initialization, helping slower machines to set up correctly
  • Fixed folder error creation for license activation

Onboarding flow

  • Updated installation step on Linux to reflect the real storage available


  • Fixed templates not loading offline for project creation after they’ve been downloaded
  • Fixed duplicated remote projects
  • Added the possibility to choose a location for remote projects before downloading them
  • Fixed remote projects not loading properly when signed out
  • Improved search for templates in New Project creation flow
  • Removed add platforms option for located editors
  • Fixed New Project creation error fields


Download and installs

  • Fixed Apple silicon Editors not being detected after restarting Hub
  • Added a way to visually identify installations that failed
  • Improved validation checks during installation
  • Fixed Android modules installation




Sep. 29, 2021

Bug fixes & improvements

Fixing and improving the Hub CLI (experimental feature):

  • Ability to install an editor from version (--version/-v) or changeset (--changeset/-c) with/without modules (--module/-m)
  • Ability to add modules to an existing editor (--module/-m)
  • Ability to get and set the user's current install location
  • Added clear instructions on how to run Hub CLI with the help command

Onboarding flow:

  • Fixed FTU so that license modal still appears when locating an existing editor
  • Fixed FTU learn microgame promotion if there are no microgames available for the installed editor


  • Fixed duplicated projects with alternating slashes in Windows
  • Added refresh to the latest list of available editors to install when there is an update
  • Improved handling of remote projects, refreshing “Source Control” label when needed
  • Added default sorting for remote projects

Download and installs:

  • Added “Installed” label to already installed modules & removed the disabled checkbox leading to confusing UX
  • Added tooltips to content that is truncated in the download drawer
  • Added informational message when adding a module to a located editor (not supported behavior)
  • Updated copy for download items in the download drawer (downloading to in progress)


  • Added case-insensitive project name check for Linux project creation to prevent project overwrite by the Editor on creation
  • Fixed Linux module download failures because of missing internal dependencies
  • Fixed bug reporter for CentOS


  • Under the hood updates to improve security and stability
  • UI Optimizations


Aug. 27, 2021

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Fixed licensing issues


Aug. 26, 2021

What’s new

First time user experience

  • Introducing a newly tailored experience, helping users to install an editor and get a license if they don’t have one already


  • New option to set your default location for project creation. Default project location is used for new projects and remote projects
  • Added trailing dots to path locations in preferences


  • New “Archives” tab in the install modal, providing quick access to the archive website while working on a fully integrated archives database in Hub coming later this year


  • New option to add a project from disk without opening it

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Fixed tray menu not being properly translated
  • Fixed tray menu not updating with license return
  • Fixed available size for external drive when selecting root folder on macOS
  • Fixed templates version resolution causing errors on launch and in the console
  • Fixed error causing the path to be invalid if it was the disk root
  • Fixed sub modules installation when Android parent module was already installed
  • Fixed data mismatches for templates
  • Stopped translating default project name as it was causing problems with non-latin characters
  • Fixed download size and size on disk for module
  • Solved issue causing Hub to go blank when choosing another editor version for a project
  • Fixed project opening from tray menu
  • Fixed tray menu not closing properly on Windows when Hub was quitting
  • Renamed Universal Windows Platform for UWP
  • Changing offline message in Community tab to be more specific
  • Fixed PlasticSCM project opening through Hub
  • Fixed installation validation on Windows preventing users to install Unity for the first time
  • Improved welcome video modal size and enabled full-screen viewing


July 22, 2021

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Fixed collab projects so extra packages are not added by default and projects are not reimported all the time
  • Repaired communications with the editor potentially leading to excessive API calls
  • On Mac, reintroduced capability for Hub to install VisualCode with additional rights that enable development workflows


July 8, 2021

What’s new

User interface

  • Hub goes dark! (The light version will be reintroduced soon)
  • Major makeover, providing a more modern feel

Web authentication and session management

  • More secure and standard web sign flow, one-time sign-in/out to access Unity Hub, Dashboard and Editor through the browser

Download management & Editor installs

  • Introducing a brand new Download Manager with more information on progress and errors to facilitate troubleshooting, plus download details and controls
  • Clearer and more concise UI for the installation workflow


  • More options and customization for download and installation locations
  • Added the option to hide the Hub on project opening


  • Streamlined New Project Creation flow
  • More descriptive Templates and better ease of use
  • Right-click to access convenient contextual menu
  • Open Remote Projects, shared with team members


  • New card layout to showcase featured and recommended content

Known issues & limitations

  • CLI features around download and installation are not available for now
  • Debug mode is being revisited and not available for now. If you need that feature, keep using V2
  • Having a username or a download path with a period (dot) might cause problems during downloads
  • You're welcome to try the Linux version of Hub V3 Beta 1, but keep in mind that full Linux support is still being implemented at the time being
  • Signing in with Microsoft Edge on Windows might cause issues, setting another web browser like Chrome as default instead will solve the problem

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