Unity 2021 LTS

Unity 2021 Long Term Support (LTS) delivers powerful improvements to workflows, rendering capabilities, and supported platforms to help you realize your creative ambitions.

Quality first.

Endless possibilities.

Choose Unity 2021 LTS to work with the most stable, dependable, and supported version of Unity. LTS releases once a year, is supported with biweekly fixes for two years, and it doesn’t introduce feature or API changes – so you can lock in production with confidence.

Unity 2021 LTS art

Why Unity 2021 LTS

Faster iteration to get to quality

Achieve quality faster through improved workflows, better Editor usability, and enhanced testing tools. Spend your time in the Editor more efficiently with improved search and a host of speedups across common operations. Create clean, performant code with improved C# 8 support. Test better with the mobile Device Simulator and Code Coverage package with Test Runner.

More accessible creative workflows

With the Unity Editor, you can now build immersive experiences faster than ever. Do more with less code using an integrated visual scripting solution and improvements to the VFX Graph, Shader Graph, and Cinemachine. Worldbuild faster with upgrades to Terrain tools, and leverage our most powerful 2D toolset yet.

Powerful scriptable render pipelines

Create platform-optimized graphics with the Universal Render Pipeline (URP), or focus on fidelity with High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP). URP upgrades such as decals, Point Light shadows, and Lens Flare bring it closer in parity to the Built-In Render Pipeline. Push the limits of high fidelity with HDRP performance upgrades and features like NVIDIA DLSS for desktop, Volumetric Clouds, and Static Shadow Caster.

Reach new generations of players

Be where your players are with support for new platforms and technologies. Expand your development capabilities with ChromeOS and macOS-based Apple silicon support, and achieve even more impressive results on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles. Develop for a new ’verse with OpenXR and Oculus enhancements, or create for mobile with Samsung Adaptive Performance 3.0 for optimizations and Android asset bundling for seamless publishing.

What’s new

Check out some of the features and workflows in Unity 2021 LTS:

Unity 2021 LTS for artists and designers

Spend more time doing and less time queuing. Engage players from the very first pixels. Discover the latest release features to help you optimize your creative workflow.

Unity 2021 LTS features for programmers

Unity 2021 LTS comes loaded with updates and iteration speedups that will empower you to optimize your games while making better use of your coding time.

Unity’s latest sample game, Gigaya

Introducing Gigaya, an upcoming playable sample game that will inspire your creativity and level up your Unity skills.

Unity LTS resources

Wherever you are in your production process, we offer resources to help you bring your project to the finish line and beyond with Unity 2021 LTS.


Learn what’s changed in the Unity Editor since Unity 2020 LTS, and view the new user manual.

Upgrade guides

We prepared a series of upgrade guides to help you transition from Unity 2020 LTS or Unity 2019 LTS to Unity 2021 LTS.

Support and Services

For complex productions with a high number of dependencies, find out how Unity Support and Services can help make the upgrade process easier.

Download Unity 2021 LTS

Get Unity 2021 LTS from the Unity Hub – our tool to help you manage Unity Editor installations, create new projects, and access your work in one place. If you’re a new professional user, start by getting a Unity Pro license from your team or the Unity Store.

Frequently asked questions

What’s an LTS release?

LTS is the release for creators who value maximum stability and support for their next project. This is our default release and is primarily recommended for creators past the preproduction phase of development who are about to lock in production on a specific version of Unity. Learn more about our different releases here.

What version do you recommend for my project?

If you are in production or want to upgrade a live project, we recommend the latest LTS release. If you want to use the latest Unity features and are just getting started with production, the Tech Stream is recommended. Learn more about our different releases here.

What is a Tech Stream release?

The Tech Stream release is for creators who value exploring in-progress features to stay on the cutting edge for their next project. This version is primarily recommended for the preproduction, discovery, and prototyping phases of development. Learn more about our different releases here.

How often is Unity 2021 LTS updated?

The 2021 LTS releases will receive biweekly fixes until mid-2023, then monthly updates until mid-2024.

What has changed from Unity 2021.2 to Unity 2021 LTS?

The LTS releases do not have any new features or breaking API changes, only fixes and non-breaking improvements.

Where can I get a free trial?

Try the world’s most popular real-time 3D platform for 30 days, free. Unity Pro gives you premier access to our dynamic real-time 3D platform, start your free trial here today.

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