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Every creative journey starts with Unity Hub
Get the Unity Hub to accelerate your productivity. Create and open projects in the Unity Editor, access resources, and start achieving your vision faster.
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Powerful tools at your fingertips

With Unity Hub start new projects using powerful templates. You can manage all of your Unity Projects and Editor installations. With a new look, you can customize your workflow, share and collaborate with your team, and more!


Integrate DevOps with your Unity Cloud Project

From the Unity Hub, create and link a Unity Version Control repository to new projects, compare file sources, and link repositories to existing local projects for rapid iteration and collaboration with your team.

What can you do with Unity Hub?
Connect and activate licenses

Unity Hub is the easiest way to activate your licenses and manage your account. Sign in once with secure web authentication or SSO, and stay connected for easy access to your Unity projects and the tools you need to work on them.

Jump-start projects

Create new projects with templates or tutorial project files. Choose from a growing repertoire of Core, Sample or Learning templates for 2D, 3D, VR, AR, mobile, Microgames, and more. Create and link Version Control repositories to track project changes over time.

Organize and collaborate

Keep all your projects safe in one place. Whether you’re joining a team to collaborate on projects or working on your own solo creation, the Hub lets you easily manage, upgrade, and launch Unity projects. Invite up to two friends to collaborate in Version Control for free.

Download and manage installations

Download and install the LTS (Long-Term Support) or Tech Stream (Pre-release) versions of the Unity Editor through Unity Hub. Keep as many as you like, and run your projects on different versions to get the most out of the platform.

Keep learning

Personalize a learning pathway built for your needs. Browse tutorials and articles tailored to your learning goals. Earn badges, develop job skills, and level up as a Unity creator.

Join the community

Discover helpful resources, and find out what others are doing with Unity. Discuss issues and solutions with other creators in the forums, get live help, read articles from the blog, and stay up to date with the latest news.

Stay tuned for the next evolution

Find out what we are working on, and share your ideas and feedback with us. View the roadmap

Learn more

Explore the extensive resources to help you get started with your project – from choosing the right release to finding helpful information.

Release notes

Check out all the improvements we’ve made to the latest version of the Unity Hub.


The Unity User Manual is the definitive repository for in-depth and procedural information on Unity’s features, UI, and workflows.

Knowledge Base

Whether you’re creating an account, importing assets, or activating a license, this comprehensive library of articles by experts has you covered.

Start creating faster
Start creating faster

Download the Unity Hub to streamline your workflows, access new management tools, and get more from Unity to create your best work.