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Use LiveOps to get the insights you need for a better player experience
Unity's tools offer post-launch insights, saving development time and enhancing your live game experience for success.
Iterate and improve your game
Bring your idea to life

Build the gameplay and foundation of your game with a live ops tech stack that supports your core features.

Publish more game content

Manage backend data and keep players hooked with regular updates and new content that improves the gameplay experience.

Run experiments

Test new features and ideas for game updates across specific groups of players to see what works.

Discover what your players enjoy

Learn what keeps players engaged by improving gameplay and building personalized experiences.

Grow your game

Build a sustainable business with thoughtful monetization.

Keeping players happy doesn’t have to be complicated
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I need to manage my backend data

Cloud Code: Run your game logic in the cloud as serverless functions and interact with other backend services.

Cloud Save: Build better player experiences by storing game data to the cloud.

Economy: Everything you need to design and plan your game economy. Easily tune and scale to build a better game for your players and grow in-game revenue.

Authentication: Authenticate your players for a seamless user experience with either anonymous or platform-specific sign-in solutions.

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I want to know more about my players

Analytics: Analytics enables studios to understand game performance and player behaviors. Capture insights using prebuilt dashboards and visualizations powered by reliable, real-time data.

A/B Testing: Through Game Overrides, run experiments on different game elements and see what impact they have on your game.

Cloud Diagnostics: Real-time error monitoring so you can rapidly resolve the bugs impacting your game’s stability.

Cloud Diagnostics Advanced: Improve the stability of your game with Cloud Diagnostics Advanced, a crash and error reporting tool powered by Backtrace that helps you identify, investigate, and resolve the crashes and exceptions that are hurting your players’ experience.

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I want to deliver content more easily

Cloud Content Delivery: With Cloud Content Delivery, you can build and release game updates with powerful asset management and content delivery via the cloud.

Game Overrides: Create personalized in-game player experiences and configuration changes safely, with guardrails in place.

Push Notifications: Send messages to targeted players when they aren’t active in your game. Leverage this to inform players about important events, re-engage lapsed players, and more.

Tools and Guides
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An introduction to analytics for games

In this article, we focus on showcasing the benefits of the analytics process and how you can outline your KPIs to ensure the continued success of your game.

Measuring the player journey: new user to payer
Measuring the player journey: new user to payer

Learn how understanding player progression through your game can help refine monetization strategies and improve the player experience.

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Glitch Factory x Unity | Case study

Having years of experience using Unity Plus, the Glitch Factory team took a swing on Unity Analytics to analyze, adapt, and tackle their big launch day.

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Get started with event tracking

By properly performing event tracking, you and your team can ensure pain points are being monitored closely.

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Build your live ops plan

Get started now, and only pay as your game grows.