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Mobile user acquisition
Optimize user growth across channels
Find users who will engage over the long haul with Unity’s powerful mobile user acquisition solutions.
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Unity Ads

Run campaigns for engagement and scale

Get discovered and acquire mobile users who will go on to engage in your game in the long term. With Unity Ads’ sophisticated technology, you tap into our extensive global supply to optimize your campaign goals for return on ad spend (ROAS), retention, or scale.

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Acquire users at scale with UA tools

Maximize your spend and crush your KPIs with tools to automate bid optimization. With ironSource ads, you can efficiently run your mobile user acquisition campaigns and enjoy transparent, granular breakdowns for a comprehensive view into your app’s strategic UA performance.

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Acquire loyal users and achieve your ROAS goals

Expand your UA strategy with the offerwall, an ad unit that acts like a rewarded marketplace, offering mobile app users in-app currency in exchange for completing tasks. The best part? You only pay when users complete those events you set, so you get loyal users cost effectively.

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Reach billions of app users on their devices

Work with leading telecom operators and manufacturers to reach incremental users on more than 1 billion mobile devices worldwide. From the moment app users unbox their devices, Aura puts you in front of them and helps you scale and beat your KPIs.

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Advertise in major mobile apps and games

Well established in the programmatic video advertising market, both the ironSource and Unity Ad exchanges specialize in connecting developers with top DSPs and brands directly. Run fraud-free campaigns and leverage high-performing ad units that boost your click-through and conversion rates.

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Boost your app’s UA across channels

Analyze, manage, and optimize your user acquisition activity across your paid channels – all in one place. With a holistic overview of your campaigns and creative data, you’ll visualize insights, identify top-performing creatives, and optimize for successful UA.

Success stories

PLAYSTUDIOS used Luna Control to successfully scale on Apple Search Ads, resulting in a 140% increase in spend and a higher D7 ROAS than any other platform.

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“The optimizer was able to bid more granularly and distribute the campaign on a wider range of supply, which helped us reach high-quality users and led to an increase in ARPU.”


Amanotes switched to the cross promotion bidder. As a result, they were put higher in the waterfall and received earlier impressions, decreasing CPI 50% and increasing IPM 2x.

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