Augmented and Virtual Reality

Stream your AR and VR apps with ISAR SDK

Unleash the power of your Unity XR projects with remote rendering via the cloud or onsite.

Get started with XR streaming for Unity

ISAR SDK is a cross-platform remote rendering solution that brings high-performance XR experiences to mobile devices. By integrating ISAR into your Unity app, you can outsource the rendering process to an on-premises server or the cloud.


Remote rendering for developers

ISAR SDK enables secure and flexible streaming of your organization’s demanding XR apps in real-time. It’s focused on simplicity of integration, stability, and documentation, so you can integrate ISAR in your Unity XR project in less than 20 minutes.

Key benefits

Incredible performance

Break the performance barriers of mobile AR/VR devices and visualize high-polygon 3D content with every detail at its actual size and in real-time.

Faster app development

Device-agnostic approach and native Unity 3D integration enables faster app development with rapid prototyping in play mode, less compiling, and easier distribution. 

High data security

Stream your XR applications in networks you control, and protect your critical data. Data is never stored on the mobile end device.


ISAR is optimized for industrial network conditions and meets standard network resistance and integration capability requirements.

Cloud and onsite

Choose whether you want to run your app in the cloud or on an edge or on-premises server infrastructure. 

Verified Unity Solution

ISAR SDK is the verified and recommended remote rendering solution for all Unity XR developers. 

Frequently asked questions

What is ISAR?

ISAR is Holo-Light’s remote rendering solution to visualize high-polygon content via local or cloud processing power – at its actual size and in real-time, with every detail, and without using polygon reduction. ISAR SDK allows developers to build a future-proof and scalable remote rendering solution into their Unity3D applications.

What devices are supported by ISAR?

ISAR SDK supports HoloLens 2, Oculus Quest 2, and Android devices. More devices and platforms are coming soon.

How can I integrate ISAR?

Find more information about how to access and use ISAR SDK here. Get ideas, solutions, and inspiration for your next AR remote rendering project.

What are the requirements?

You can find a compiled list of environment, hardware, network, and device requirements here.

How can I get started?

Free trials with customer support are available. Contact us here.

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