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Unity for immersive customer experiences
Elevate customer interactions with real-time 3D
Boost customer engagement and conversions with immersive 3D experiences. From interactive configurators to virtual showrooms, transform every touchpoint. (Image courtesy of SmartPixels)
Join us on July 23 for a live webinar, Exploring Don Julio’s rich heritage of tequila making: An immersive journey with Apple Vision Pro.
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Elevate customer experiences with RT3D technology

Leverage our real-time 3D (RT3D) technology to transform customer interactions into informed decisions with deep product engagement. By enabling dynamic, personalized 3D experiences for exploration and customization, RT3D enhances the overall buying journey, leading to higher satisfaction and increased conversions.

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Transform customer touchpoints with Unity Industry

Unity Industry is a suite of products and services for developers to leverage 3D and CAD data to create engaging, personalized customer experiences. Simplify the creation of configurators and virtual showrooms, improving interaction across devices and platforms, and effectively increasing conversions.

On the right: Courtesy of SmartPixels

Audi Unity
Produce world-class multimedia content

Audi and their communications and brand agency, SXCES, set out to create innovative multimedia content for journalists, content creators, and other media representatives. They wanted their key media representatives to be able to view every detail of the car’s exterior, down to its rear electric motor’s oil cooling circuit, in real-time 3D. With the help of Govar Studios, SXCES developed the Virtual Exhibit XR, made with Unity, to provide them with an immersive experience of the Audi Q6 e-tron on Apple Vision Pro.

Building Don Julio’s immersive app on Apple Vision Pro

Discover how Trigger XR partnered with Diageo to build an immersive brand experience for their product –- Tequila Don Julio on Apple Vision Pro built on Unity. Unity enabled them to tell the story of the history and production process of one of their flagship brands in an authentic and accurate way. The immersive experience transports the user to the fields of Jalisco Mexico, allowing users to interact in the production process such as cutting leaves from an agave plant or aging a barrel of a tequila.

Globe trotter - a screenshot of product configurator on their website
Courtesy of Globe-Trotter
Deepen consumer and product connections

Luxury luggage maker Globe-Trotter understands that creating a personalized connection to their goods gives online shoppers the confidence to purchase high-end luggage sight unseen. By interacting with Globe-Trotter’s 3D product configurator, customers can personalize every component of their custom luggage (from over a trillion possible configurations), effortlessly specifying color, interior lining, locks, buckles, body, and more – and then view and modify their selections in real-time, creating one-of-a-kind suitcases.

Streamline content creation

Dive into the story of how Arksen created their explorer vessel configurator in Unity, with the help of their agency partner canVERSE, streamlining their content production and driving presales before the vessel was even built.

Powering marketing experiences with real-time 3D

From rendering millions of images in real-time for website car configurators to creating mobile apps showcasing vehicles in AR, Volkswagen was able to take their marketing efforts to the next level with Unity Forma.

“Unity’s rich interactivity model lets us deliver unique, interactive experiences. We can take a completed client model and quickly produce amazing visual quality and realism with a big WOW factor.”
Why Unity for immersive customer experiences
Transform 3D design data into photorealistic assets

No need to start building 3D models from scratch. With Unity, you can streamline time-intensive workflows and get RT3D versions of your products with automated CAD-to-3D import.

Accurate real-time product representations

With teams across design, engineering, and marketing working from a single visual and real-time source, you can make sure the product model you market is error-free.

Configure-price-quote: Precision for complex products

Complex products need to be represented accurately. Ensure the configuration options you present are relevant to the product, customer location, and other factors.

Instant interactive assets with minimal coding

Create, prepare, and review real-time 3D product configurators and other interactive marketing assets instantly, all without writing a single line of code.

Immersive product experiences on any platform

Publish across multiple platforms, including mobile devices and web browsers, to engage your buyers with immersive experiences, regardless of how they shop.

Empowering sales teams with advanced interactive tools

Accelerate your sales cycle with customizable interactive product configurators and asset creation that enables teams to better target customers with more relevant content.

Interactive marketing made easy

Experience the potential of a real-time 3D interactive product configurator on our TIMI demo site. You can create customized skid loader configurations and see how the product and page come to life.

Immersive experiences with Unity
Immersive tech powers digital transformation

Boosting e-commerce capabilities and scaling up marketing tools are among the top priorities for 79% of companies. See how immersive tech helped them address these priorities.

6 must-see interactive 3D product configurators
6 must-see interactive 3D product configurators

Many brands are looking to immersive, interactive real-time technology to turn shoppers into buyers. Discover what the market looks like today and the six product configurators that are shaping it.

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The 2024 Industry Trends Report

Read insights from experts across a range of sectors, each offering perspective on the technologies they think will drive the greatest impact for their industries in 2024 and beyond.

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Revamp customer journeys with immersive experiences

Ready to revolutionize your customer engagement and conversion strategy? We’re here to bring your vision to life.

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