Unity for Retail

Transform your business, from concept to commerce

Enable digital workflows that unlock immersive consumer experiences. Inspire your audience to explore products through interactive 3D storytelling that connects the physical and digital worlds.

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The new way to create, sell and inspire

An effective omnichannel retail strategy relies on creating personalized and convenient experiences. Transform your brand through interactive storytelling in-store and online to drive loyalty and conversion.


From store design, product review, to synthetic photography – reduce your dependence on the movement of goods and people to lower costs and your environmental footprint.

Create 3D assets using smartphone capture, photogrammetry, or existing model data. Scale and standardize your data to meet the needs of all your business units. Plus, tailor unique, immersive brand experiences to your customers using configurable virtual replicas of your products and stores.

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Engage and sell

Elevate customer experiences through connected mobile, web, social media, and machine learning-powered applications for experiences like augmented reality (AR) in-store navigation, personalized recommendations, or remote virtual try-on.

Analyze and optimize

Collect and visualize data on shopping behavior to gain insight into the complete customer journey and improve merchandising. Simulate store plans, test product placement, and facilitate seamless self-checkouts.

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Digital twins

Unlock the true value of your data with digital twins

Drive informed decision-making across the product lifecycle through insight, analysis, simulation and prediction.

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