Retail and consumer goods

Drive conversion with immersive retail and consumer experiences for operations, sales, marketing, and more – created with real-time 3D.

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Transform your retail and consumer experiences

Real-time 3D digital twins can help you achieve your targets by: 

  • Increasing engagement and conversion through interactive experiences like product configurators and virtual showrooms 
  • Optimizing operations and reducing costs with simulations of store layouts, planograms, and staff configurations 
  • Enhancing decision making via physical storefront what-if test scenarios

Top uses of retail solutions

Discover related products
Create captivating consumer experiences
Sales and marketing

Elevate consumer experiences on multiple devices and platforms. Bridge the gap between in-person and online shopping, plus increase conversion with immersive real-time 3D experiences like: 

  • Product configurators
  • Virtual marketing assets
  • Virtual showrooms and stores
  • Brand gamification and virtual worlds
Leverage tools for end-to-end efficiency
Manufacturing and operations

Streamline complex design, collaboration, and operations workflows with tools that improve productivity and reduce costs. Enjoy more benefits of interactive applications which:

Make informed, strategy-driven decisions
Store design and planning

Take the design and maintenance of your retail spaces to the next level with tools that make it possible to:

  • Envision, simulate, and manage multiple store layouts and merchandising
  • Efficiently test product placement while reducing costs
  • Collaborate on plans with internal teams, vendors, and customers

Trusted by leading retailers and brands

“3D has led to better decisions, more accurate predictions, and faster time to market. This is helping us save time and money, and make decisions a lot faster.”

Mitchell Harvey, 3D Innovation Manager, Deckers Brands

“The future of customer experiences will be significantly changed through the integration of technology. Customers want the ability to explore each [product] in their decision-making process. AR experiences allow customers to do that in unprecedented detail.”

David Labistour, Former CEO, Mountain Equipment Co-op

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Find the right Unity solution to achieve your goals.

Unity Industry
Tools for industry creators

Get the creation tools and enterprise-level support you need to: 

  • Transform your CAD and 3D data into immersive apps 
  • Build long-lasting interactive experiences
  • Streamline augmented reality workflows
3D data optimization

Pixyz products can help you: 

  • Optimize complex 3D data workflows
  • Automate the processing of 3D, CAD, BIM data, and point cloud pipelines
  • Enable instant collaborative review
Accelerate Solutions
Professional services

Partner with Unity’s Accelerate Solutions developers and industry experts to: 

  • Identify key challenges 
  • Craft custom digital twin solutions 
  • Accelerate development for AR, VR, robot OS, mixed reality, and more
Unity Success Plans
Elevate your projects

Unity Success Plans offer support to help you:

  • Reduce downtime and streamline operations
  • Achieve your goals faster by removing technical roadblocks

Building successful brands in the metaverse

Discover why large consumer brands, retailers, and creative agencies are adopting immersive technology to empower customers, accelerate time to market, and reach new audiences.

Ready to take the next step?

Transform your retail and consumer strategies with real-time 3D technology and drive more engagement, conversions, and revenue across multiple channels.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of real-time 3D?

The foundational industrial use is to visualize data and build realistic, dynamic experiences from 3D models, like computer-aided design (CAD) assemblies. These interactive digital twins of physical products open opportunities to enhance processes and workflows across the business, from R&D to operations and marketing.

What Unity products do I need to get started?

Get started with Unity Industry, a suite of products and services to help you build custom real-time 3D experiences for AR, VR, mobile, desktop, and web across any industry.

What support and learning resources are available?

Explore  a wide range of support and learning options. In addition, you can access free online courses via Unity Learn.

Can I get a demo of Unity products?

Of course. To see a demo of our products please contact our sales team.

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