Immersive training

Upskill your workforce and improve information retention with hands-on immersive learning from any location.

What is immersive training?

Using augmented and virtual reality training environments, immersive training engages employees – with content they actually retain. Organizations can build and scale training programs, deploy remotely across devices, and measure results.

Person going through immersive training with VR headset

Skanska VR scene

Image courtesy of OutHere and Skanska

Training in action

Skanska, the world’s fifth-largest construction company, with the help of creative agency OutHere, implemented a Unity-based VR experience into its standard worker-safety training program for better awareness and fewer accidents.

Workers are more aware of the risks and can avoid hazards, thanks to the highly realistic VR scenarios for its employee safety-training program.

Immersive training in practice

Check out some of the many ways companies are using Unity’s immersive training solutions.

Person using AR for training
Minimize risk, maximize results

Optimize your training resources. Simulate physical and behavioral constraints safely, without the risks and costs of heavy machinery, and provide instant feedback for improved learning outcomes.

Employee training with VR
Upskill your employees

Conduct procedural training on the job or ahead of time to familiarize employees with specific skills or tasks, using potential scenarios.

Image courtesy of Sentient Computing

Sentient Computing simulation
Grasp the full picture

Get ahead of potential hazards and high-consequence outcomes by driving awareness of work environments, identifying potential risks and simulating possible scenarios.

Image courtesy of Sentient Computing


Customized for you

Training solutions can be tailored to your needs, whether you need a simple environment with prebuilt assets or complex simulations with accurate physics.

Start your project faster

Utilize procedural and simulated training scenarios before your employees step foot on any site or facility.

All data, any device, any location

Create automated and data-driven immersive workflows. Access and launch applications anywhere and from any device.

Why Unity

#1 for AR and VR

Unity is the leading real-time 3D platform for creating content for AR and VR applications. Industrial augmented reality has been shown to increase productivity and reduce operational costs.

Industry-leading multiplatform support

Build once and deploy to more than 20 platforms, including HoloLens, Windows, iOS, Android and other edge devices.

Robust ecosystem

Our partner software, plug-ins, and services offer seamless integration opportunities to make immersive training accessible for non-developers and developers alike.


Creating safer construction projects with VR

Learn how Laing O’Rourke created an immersive virtual reality (VR) crane simulator to train its lift team before they ever step foot on a project.

7 tech trends to watch in industrial VR training

Discover why companies are creating more immersive training scenarios to increase knowledge retention, improve safety, and more.

Reducing errors using mixed reality guidance tools

Discover how Toyota uses mixed reality experiences on HoloLens 2 to reduce human error among field support engineers and experts across its dealerships and service networks.

Products and services from Unity

Find everything you need to support your training program. Check out some of Unity’s products and services for immersive training.

Unity Industrial Collection

This collection of software tools lets you import, optimize and visualize 3D data in Unity. Build real-time 3D, AR, and VR applications and deploy them to your platform of choice.

Unity Reflect Develop

Build your own custom applications to address any problem across the entire building and infrastructure lifecycle for internal or commercial deployment.

Unity MARS

Create intelligent mixed and augmented reality experiences that fully integrate with the real world.

Unity Accelerate Solutions

Custom technology solutions from Unity can enable your company to innovate faster by leveraging Unity products and tools.


Our cloud streaming service makes it easy to stream real-time 3D applications from Unity in any web browser and embed them into any website.

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