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Immersive 3D Collaboration
Experiential real-time data visualization
Connect data and project stakeholders on any platform, enabling more interactive data visualization in real-time to empower better decision-making. (Image courtesy of Facebook Reality Labs)
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Drive decisions and empower collaboration

Boost stakeholder collaboration with immersive 3D visualization, elevating decision-making and operational efficiency by utilizing complex 3D models of any size across all devices. This can eliminate data silos, create more collaboration, and accelerate your time to market.

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Image courtesy of Scope AR

Unity Industry for immersive collaboration

Unity Industry is a suite of products and services enabling developers to utilize 3D data for immersive 3D collaboration. Accelerate your development timelines to create highly customized, feature-rich applications for interactive design reviews or virtual planning sessions.

Digital Twin Port of Oulu
Reducing environmental impact

Sitowise is using Unity to create a dynamic, interactive digital twin of Port Oulu to help remove bottlenecks, reduce the environmental impact of transport and logistics flows, increase security and safety, and improve efficiency and reliability of port operations.

Avoiding costly rework

SHoP Architects and JDS Development Group are embracing immersive 3D visualization with one of their signature projects: The Brooklyn Tower. Discover how they’re using the technology to reduce costs and their carbon footprint, while improving collaboration with stakeholders.

Faster design iterations

Volvo Cars is accelerating collaboration and innovation throughout the automotive industry using real-time 3D technology. Discover how they achieved faster design iteration and reduced reliance on physical prototypes.

Optimizing design review

Facing a challenge in effectively reviewing designs with stakeholders, the team at Honda turned to 3D visualization as a solution. Discover how this change gave the team the ability to explore and evaluate numerous design concepts with precision, high visual fidelity, and speed.

YVR: Airport digital twin

Vancouver International Airport (YVR) leveraged Unity to build and deploy the first digital twin of an airport in North America. Discover how this real-time 3D digital twin enabled them to achieve better understanding of complex operational systems and accelerate collaboration among stakeholders.

Why Unity for immersive 3D collaboration
Fast-track asset creation for immersive collaboration

With Unity’s powerful data-transformation capabilities and real-time 3D tools, you can streamline the import and optimization of your existing models from industry-leading formats into Unity. From design review to planning and operations, you’ll be able to easily tailor your 3D visualization work effectively for many use cases.

Preserve metadata and save time

Consolidate diverse 3D data sources and preserve vital metadata in a unified environment, enabling real-time interactions on shareable assets across teams, fostering dynamic collaboration for informed decisions.

Create scalable visualization tools

Build your own visualization tools that render complex assets from multiple data sources without sacrificing scalability or performance. You can use the Unity Cloud Reference Project to jump-start creating a fully functional collaborative design review tool.

Collaborate on complex assets with cloud-connected apps

Enable internal and external stakeholders to view complex and heavyweight assets and environments in cloud-connected apps rapidly and dynamically. Your users will be able to collaborate in runtimes, from anywhere with an internet connection.

Build once, deploy anywhere

Share experiences across platforms including web, mobile, desktop, and AR/VR to enhance understanding and engagement between technical and nontechnical users. You will be able to easily present models in 3D spatial context and connect office stakeholders to the field.

Customizable asset access and user permission

Ensure your content is protected, discoverable, and accessible for the right user: contributor, consumer, or viewer. You can give granular controls over each of your assets, with flexible APIs and SDKs, to control the in-app experience for your users.

2024 Industry Trends Report

Discover why companies are embracing immersive training to increase knowledge retention, improve safety, and much more.

Man at a construction site wearing VR glasses
Reduce costs by avoiding rework in the field

Discover how XR solutions are helping companies within the construction industry decrease rework while boosting efficiency and cost savings.

A primer on immersive design visualization

Real-time 3D lets you explore more design options and iterate faster, which also means you can identify and resolve issues more quickly.

Boost stakeholder collaboration

Ready to see how immersive 3D visualization can elevate decision-making and operational efficiency? We can help with that.

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