Features made for mobile

Unity is designed to create stunning, performant game experiences across all mobile devices. Build your game, find your audience, and grow your mobile games business.

Platform Partnerships

Unity’s strong partnerships with the leading mobile platforms – including custom tools for iOS and Android –  ensure you have access to cutting-edge solutions that power your success.

More than an engine

Unity has tools that help you succeed in every stage of development.

Universal Render Pipeline

The Universal Render Pipeline (URP) is optimized to deliver best-quality graphics, performance, and scalability to reach more devices and audiences.

It’s a powerful rendering solution right out of the box with a full suite of artist tools for content creation, whether you’re building 3D, 2D, VR, or AR projects.


Native 2D Tools

Unity has enhanced 2D tools to help you create gorgeous 2D experiences. Efficient workflows allow every member of your team – from artists and designers to animators and engineers – to achieve even more.

Unity as a Library

Insert features powered by Unity, such as AR, 3D/2D real-time rendering, 2D mini-games, and more directly into your native mobile apps.

Addressable Asset System

This advanced system streamlines developing, building, and loading game content. By loading assets by “address,” it easily handles asset management overhead and simplifies content pack creation and deployment. It also speeds up iterations, so studios can fine-tune and test their projects more often to produce much higher-quality and better-performing games.

Visual scripting

Visual scripting in Unity, powered by Bolt, helps all team members create scripting logic with visual, drag-and-drop graphs instead of hand-writing code. Artists and designers can get more done in the Editor without requiring help from programmers, and it can help programmers quickly implement ideas for faster prototyping and iteration.

AR Foundation

This framework purpose-built for AR development allows you to build rich experiences once, then deploy across multiple mobile and wearable AR devices. It includes core features from each platform, as well as unique Unity features such as photorealistic rendering, physics, device optimizations, and more.

Mobile optimization tools

Unity is packed with tools that are optimized for mobile development workflows. Create mobile experiences that look great, run fast, and work across all devices with our powerful and extensible toolsets.

Monetization solutions

Unity helps you turn your game into a business with monetization solutions and more. Learn how you can maximize ads and IAP revenue while delivering a great player experience.

Unity Analytics

With Unity Analytics, it’s easy to see what’s working in your game, and where you need to improve. Get valuable insight into your retention rates, player engagement metrics, and installation data – all in one convenient dashboard.

Ready to go mobile?

Unity Pro powers up your development with an enhanced ecosystem of tools and support, greater Editor extensibility, and powerful collaboration tools, so you can create great mobile games quickly, then launch them successfully.

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