VR Developer

Demonstrate that you’re beginning to specialize within the real-time ecosystem, creating virtual reality experiences with Unity.

Start the road toward becoming a VR developer

Start the road toward becoming a VR developer

This certification is designed for anyone who has foundational skills in both Unity and C# programming. With this certification, you can show postsecondary programs and employers that you’ve taken your first step toward mastering the foundations of creating VR experiences with Unity.


  • Able to analyze ergonomic considerations in regards to VR
  • Understand the importance of scale in a VR project
  • Understand key features of spatial audio and how it is utilized in VR

What’s on the exam?

You can expect to see questions across the following topics.

Download the full list of what’s covered on the Unity Certified User: VR Developer exam below.

VR Project Setup
  • Implement package management to enable VR
  • Configure project settings according to VR platform requirements
  • Determine the appropriate rendering pipeline
  • Identify appropriate Unity object scale
  • Understand Unity VR best practices for UI
  • Determine the components needed for a user to physically manipulate objects
  • Understand types of head tracking and degrees of movement in VR equipment
  • Apply appropriate locomotion techniques
  • Explain the use of spatialized sound and how to implement it
  • Given a scenario, determine how to optimize a texture 
  • Identify the effect of poly count on runtime
  • Identity the effect of particles and visual effects on runtime
  • Identity the effect of lighting and shadows on runtime
  • Predict the effect of latency to the user experience 

Learn and practice

These tools will help you prepare to pass this certification. 

Unity Learn platform

Advance your Unity skills with over 750 hours of free, on-demand learning content and live learning sessions. Check out the following courses on Unity Learn: 


Learn to design and develop your own virtual reality (VR) applications with the Unity Certified User: VR Developer courseware.

Get certified

If you’re a school or bulk purchaser, please contact our sales team at Certiport, our testing partner. Individuals may purchase the exam here.

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