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Gain a competitive advantage in the job market by validating your technical skills and mastery of the artistic execution of a real-time interactive software project.
For real-time 3D artists

For real-time 3D artists

This certification is designed for professional artists who have a mix of artistic and technical skills within the context of professional software development processes. Such roles include 3D Artist, 3D Generalist, Game Artist, Level Designer, Environment Artist, and 3D Visualization Artist.

You may draw on a foundation in 2D art and animation to help prototype user interfaces and object movements, but you are primarily engaged in achieving a professional “look and feel” for real-time 3D applications.


  • 2+ years of practical experience implementing 3D art and environments for video games or other real-time 3D applications built with Unity
  • Experience importing, configuring, and lighting 3D objects and environments in Unity for a variety of platforms including PCs, mobile devices, and XR
  • Experience with the full software development lifecycle, from early concept through completion
  • Experience prototyping 3D environments and application UI
  • Foundational understanding of animation and 2D rendering
  • Foundational understanding of Unity programming workflows and terminology
  • Experience in game development or other real-time 3D application development, such as simulation and design visualization
What’s on the exam?

You can expect to see questions across these topics:

  • Rendering 3D objects
  • Lighting objects and environments
  • Working with particles and effects
  • Prototyping basic application elements
  • Working with 2D assets
  • Working with animation
  • Working in software development teams
Exam Details

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  • 3 Unity projects
  • Assessments and quizzes throughout

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