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Creating games for Android
Build better games with Unity, the industry-leading development platform that powers over 75% of the Android mobile games market.
Unity powers 72% of the top 1,000 mobile games
Over 50% of new mobile games are created in Unity
Unity powers 75%+ of the top-grossing Google Play Store games
Reach 1 billion+ players with Unity Distribution Portal
Create your next Android mobile game
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Bring your creative vision to life

Unity Pro
Build your dream game, and make it a huge success.

Unity Asset Store
Accelerate game development with tools, assets, and templates.

Plastic SCM
Enable effective collaboration between programmers and artists.

Host and manage your game servers.

Game Backend (beta)
Managed infrastructure hosts your game data on the cloud.

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Better insights, faster fixes

Capture, prioritize, and resolve errors with cross-platform crash and exception management.

Unity Gaming Services Analytics
Understand game performance and player behavior.

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Publish great experiences

Cloud Content Delivery
Manage assets and deliver content via the cloud.

Engage your customers with mobile-first in-game support.

Grow a sustainable business
Grow a sustainable business

Unity Ads
Drive revenue and acquire new players with in-game ads.

In-app purchases
Simplified integration across several app stores.

Android game to Chrome OS

Publish your top-ranking Android game to Chrome OS

Reach more players by bringing your existing Android game to Chromebooks, the fastest-growing PC segment today, with help from Google and Unity.

Ludo King
Ludo King by Gametion

Discover how new-to-Unity studio Gametion took a simple and familiar game concept to mobile and captured over 1 million installs in less than 25 days post-launch on Google Play.

Chaos Lords
Chaos Lords by Digital Pill

Learn how development and publishing studio Digital Pill brought their game to more than 1 billion potential players using the Unity Distribution Portal.

Last Day on Earth
Last Day on Earth by Kefir

Kefir used technologies and mobile game markets to garner a whopping 83 million downloads, a million daily active users (DAU), and over $125M in gross revenue for Last Day on Earth – so far.

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Harness Samsung Adaptive Performance

Our partnership with Samsung lets you optimize your games to reach the most popular Android devices. Get easy-to-use tools to help your games run more smoothly on all Samsung handsets.

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Optimize for billions of mobile devices

We partnered with Arm, the world’s largest semiconductor company, to achieve even better performance out of the box for the billions of Arm-powered CPUs and GPUs.

Add AR into your mobile game
Add AR into your mobile game

Unity’s AR Foundation makes it easy to build your multiplatform AR game. Our partnership with Google’s ARCore brings day-one functionality to all new ARCore features for Android game developers.

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Leverage more mobile gamedev features

Discover Unity engine features purpose-built for mobile game development and designed to help you create stunning and performant game experiences.

From big idea to big success
From big idea to big success

Join millions of mobile game developers around the world using Unity to build the next generation of successful games.