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Unity Analytics

Built for games. Natively integrated with Unity. Our analytics suite gives you key insights into gameplay, monetization, and more - letting you create the best possible experience for players.

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Core Analytics

Visualize game data in one intuitive dashboard.

Improve everything from player experience to in-game economy with essential insights from Unity Analytics. 

  • Metric Monitor: Your high-level overview of how your game is being played.
  • Data Explorer: Explore use cases, track feature releases, and identify historical events.
  • Funnel Analyzer: Understand how players interact and move through your game.
  • Segment Builder: Create unique player groups around in-game scenarios and behavioral patterns.
Unity Standard Events

Standard Events

Track unique player behavior in your game.

Understand your players with a set of curated custom events focused on in-game experience. 

  • User experience (UX) navigation.
  • Player progression.
  • Onboarding and first-time player experience.
  • Player engagement.
  • Monetization.

Standard Events works seamlessly with Unity Analytics. Implementation with the Analytics Event Tracker is quick and efficient - all without a single line of code.

Unity IAP

In-app purchases across multiple stores with single unified API.

Setting up in-app purchases across iOS, Mac, Google Play, Windows and other app stores has never been easier. With just a few lines of code, you can deploy and optimize your in-game economy. 

Unity IAP lets you identify and monitor trends with revenue and purchase data across multiple platforms.

Unity Raw Data Export

Raw Data Export

Unleash the full potential of your data.

Take control of your game data. From data pipeline to customized queries, our API transforms your raw data into an essential business intelligence tool.

Avoid messy integrations and time-consuming data collection and storage infrastructure setups. With one-click integration, Raw data Export gives you faster and easier access to your data.

What our customers say

Majid Khosravi, Founder and CEO,Twimler

"Using Unity Ads, Analytics & IAP as a whole, we've experienced an increase in ad revenue of over 60%, IAP sales in our games grew by over 70%, and most importantly, our ARPDAU skyrocketed by 15%."

Majid Khosravi, Founder and CEO,Twimler
Qasim Meher Assad, Head of Products, Mindstorm

"I wanted to be sure the data we were using was accurate and timely. We were experiencing times when there would be lag in the data we were getting from our analytics tools. That's when shifted to Unity Analytics, which is 10-times faster."

Qasim Meher Assad, Head of Products, Mindstorm
Ski Safari 2, Sleepy Z Studios

"We chose Unity Analytics for Ski Safari 2 because it's incredibly easy to integrate and use; the dashboard has all the metrics we need."

Ski Safari 2, Sleepy Z Studios
Ultraflow, Ultrateam

"We know analytics can really help us build a better game, but we don't really have additional resources to handle the backend data infrastructure. It was really cool to see how easy getting the data we need from Unity Analytics is and how powerful the insights we could get."

Ultraflow, Ultrateam
Halfbrick, Halfbrick Studios

"Unity Analytics has given us quick access to data with little overhead. It was an easy integration with the Unity engine, the dashboards are clean and easy to read and the service has been fantastic."

Halfbrick, Halfbrick Studios

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