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Get a gift with purchase. Limited time only. Ends December 4
Get a gift with purchase. Limited time only. Ends December 4


Cloud Content Delivery

Build and release game updates effortlessly with powerful asset management and content delivery via the cloud.

Get your first 50 GB of bandwidth free every month.

Deploying your game content just got a lot easier

Introducing the first end-to-end service for live game updates: a content delivery network (CDN) and back-end-as-a-service (BAAS) built for game development.



End-to-end content management for game developers

Deliver your game content – any type, any size – to the right users at the right time.

Accelerated time to market

It can take months to build your own content delivery backend. Devote your resources to creating great content instead.

Fast and reliable

Distribute real-time updates to users wherever they are. Powerful, rapid delivery is backed by the trusted network of a leading enterprise CDN.

Standardized pricing

Competitive, transparent pricing eliminates the complex costs of other CDNs. You pay only a standard fee based on delivery volume, storage included.

Empowering release management

A one-stop shop for bucketing, badging, and promoting asset bundles, the dashboard keeps you in control.

Simplified asset management

Save coding time. Integration with the Addressable Asset System eliminates the need for a complex asset management pipeline.

Multiple engine support

Not using Unity for your live game? No problem. Cloud Content Delivery is easy to set up for any game engine.

Comprehensive asset management

See how easy it is to build, configure, and deploy a content update. Check out Cloud Content Delivery in action.

Key Benefits

Create, identify, promote

Create bundles, identify release candidates, and promote content releases instantly.

Responsive API

API request caching at the regional level for fast and consistent response times.

Configurable permissions

Secure content management with separate, configurable permission schemes.

Version management

Version numbering and revision control at the bundle and file level.

24/7 Monitoring

Unity’s Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team monitors service uptime.

Cloud Build integration

Build and publish directly with Unity's build automation solution.


Try for free, then pay as you go

Pricing shouldn’t be a barrier to trialing a new tool. That’s why we give you the first 50 GB of bandwidth per month for free. Usage beyond 50 GB is priced as below. 

If you are on an enterprise plan, require large bandwidth amounts, or are unable to sign up with a credit card, please contact us.

Simple content delivery


Review the manual to help you get Cloud Content Delivery up and running.


Join the conversation and get solutions to your configuration issues.

Addressable Asset System

Learn how to use Unity’s asset package tool to simplify content builds and delivery.

Mike Lehne, CTO, Concrete Software

“Without CCD we would have to implement a lot of the versioning, file IDs, and environments ourselves, which did not work as well in our previous ad-hoc solutions.”

Mike Lehne, CTO, Concrete Software
Ibrahim Rageh, Head of Technology, Nifty Games

“By gracefully combining Asset Bundle hosting and distribution with a robust release management portal, Unity saved us time and money, so we could focus on creating, shipping, and operating great games.”

Ibrahim Rageh, Head of Technology, Nifty Games

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a CDN?

Two major challenges for game developers are keeping players engaged over time and reducing download waiting times. CDNs solve these challenges by providing access to a steady content pipeline and reducing initial app download sizes.

How do I sign up for Cloud Content Delivery?

You can get started today in under an hour – with no fees for any delivery volume until you surpass 50 GB monthly. This allows you to test our enterprise CDN with no commitment. Click “Sign in to get started” to get started or add Cloud Content Delivery directly from your Unity dashboard.

Do I need to sign up with a credit card?

When signing up for your free trial, you will be asked for your credit card information to activate Cloud Content Delivery. Your credit card will not be charged until your monthly usage goes beyond the included free bandwidth amount (50GB/month). If you already have a Unity enterprise account or have questions about alternative payment methods, contact us.

Is my game right for Cloud Content Delivery?

Are you building a game that requires regular content updates? Free-to-play games with player economies, microtransactions, in-game events, and calendar milestones need an asset management and delivery solution. With Cloud Content Delivery, you can skip the hassle of building and maintaining your own back end.

Can Cloud Content Delivery only be used with Unity engine?

No. Our downloadable content service can easily be configured to work with any engine.

How does this work with the Addressable Asset System?

If you are a Unity user, connecting Cloud Content Delivery to your build pipeline is easy with the Addressable Asset System. Map your content paths by connecting this Unity platform tool without having to build any custom code.

What are the uptime and support standards?

Cloud Content Delivery was engineered to rapidly deliver your game content updates to your players through regional nodes around the globe. The network is monitored 24/7, and Unity Support is on hand to assist with any technical considerations.

What geographic regions are supported?

Cloud Content Delivery is built on the infrastructure of a leading CDN with rapid delivery nodes in countries around the world. For delivery of content into China, please contact us.

What platforms are supported?

Cloud Content Delivery currently supports live updates of asset bundles for applications running on mobile and PC. Console support is not available at this time. Please check back soon for updates.

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