Create and operate your multiplayer game

Discover the cloud-enabled tools, engine-agnostic services and infrastructure needed to build, scale and operate today’s most successful games.

Delivering a great player experience

Shared experiences can create unforgettable gaming moments, which is why multiplayer games consistently top the charts. Learn how Unity’s multiplayer tools and services can help you create and operate your next multiplayer hit.

Tools to create and operate multiplayer games

Game server hosting

Get your players online and connected – fast. Multiplay’s server orchestration and hosting platform allows you to scale your needs across bare metal and cloud servers.

In-game player communications

Integrate voice and text communications via SDK or plug-ins that work with any engine or platform. Engage your players with the same technology trusted by some of today’s largest multiplayer games.

Matchmaker beta

Enhance player experience by improving match quality and reducing the time it takes to allocate game servers.

Currently in closed beta.

Netcode updates

Learn the latest about our upcoming, first-party netcode solution — including the libraries, tutorials, and samples you need to start exploring.

A complete real-time multiplayer project

The best multiplayer games are highly optimized for their archetype. Learn how to optimize for FPS with techniques like client prediction, interpolation, and delta compression on top of the new transport.

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