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Make and manage your next multiplayer game

Build a reliable foundation for your game
Build a reliable foundation for your game
Multiplayer mobile game session
Connect your players at scale, wherever they are


Multiplayer communication
Enable healthy and positive social experiences
  • Vivox
    In-game voice and chat services
  • Community and safety (coming soon)
    Player safety analysis and management

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Create your multiplayer infrastructure

Build your multiplayer game on a stable and flexible netcode solution that’s extensible enough to meet the needs of any developer.

Host reliably, without building from scratch

Achieve resilient game hosting infrastructure without tying up your developers in months of backend work.

Connect players with voice and text chat

Build a more engaged player base with higher retention rates through reliable in-game comms.

Zero downtime patching

Deliver new content to your players, regardless of platform, without a dip in engagement.

Configure a speedy matchmaker

Keep players in your game with fast, flexible matchmaking – tested by the best and biggest multiplayer hits.

Scale server capacity automatically

Cloud scaling that keeps up with demand, even during huge spikes, delivering resilience and performance at scale.

Connect players in a cost-efficient way

Leverage a peer-to-peer solution to connect your players reliably – without the need for a dedicated game server.

Empower cross-play experiences

Work with solutions that are built to enable cross-play gaming, letting you reach the audience your title deserves.

InnerSloth & Among Us

The InnerSloth team were considering a sequel to Among Us when the summer of 2020 hit. As InnerSloth’s game became the most popular multiplayer title on the planet, they had to find a way to make sure their servers stayed standing.

Powering online play


Launching Apex Legends to over 50M players worldwide

  • Game server hosting
Riot Games

Unity tools help give players a strong voice in VALORANT and other Riot Games hits

  • Voice and text chat
Velan Studios

Enabling a huge launch for Velan’s first multiplayer title

  • Game server hosting
  • Voice and text chat
  • Crossplay

Creating great matches for Overcooked! AYCE and Worms Rumble

  • Game server hosting
  • Matchmaking
  • Crossplay

Resources to hit the ground running

New gaming insights and trends

Get insights about the state of the gaming industry to help you make better games and run a stronger business as a developer.

The 8 factors of multiplayer game development

Explore the eight major considerations for creating and operating multiplayer games.

Enter the Boss Room

Explore Unity’s netcode library and the underlying patterns of a multiplayer game in our small-scale cooperative RPG.

Scaling Apex Legends

From zero to 50m players in 24 days – find out how Respawn ensured they had enough servers to meet massive demand.

Build your next multiplayer hit

Get in touch to see how our multiplayer tech stack can help you build and deliver the next big multiplayer game.

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