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Helpshift in-game player support
Players demand solid support directly in your game. That’s why a third of the biggest publishers and studios rely on Helpshift.
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Don’t chase your players away

When players need help, the last thing they want to do is leave your game to find it. Keep players in the game with instant answers to solve their problems, so they can get back to playing faster. Helpshift provides quick and easy in-app support for mobile that’s always on.

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Chat on your players’ terms

Today’s gamers expect modern, mobile-first messaging – not antiquated email and phone support. Helpshift delivers a modern chat and conversational help experience that feels as natural as chatting with a friend. Players no longer have to wait “on hold” for an answer, so they can focus on the fun.

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Automate support to get players back to playing

As your game grows, so does the volume of player issues that arise. But players still want their problems resolved right away. With bots enlisted to collect issue information, complete rote tasks, automate resolution, and speed up time-to-happiness, you can focus on providing a human touch to your VIP players.

“From a player’s perspective, everything is all in one place. You can play your game, read FAQs, or get help from within the app. It’s a connected experience right at your fingertips and allows us to be where our players are.”
FAYE POR / ZYNGADirector of Customer Service
“It delivered a fully-native experience with in-app messaging. Players don't want to leave the app to send an email and calling into a call center would be unthinkable. Helpshift delivered a fully integrated experience that delighted our players.”
“Helpshift has been transformative to our player support experience. Over the course of just over a year, we improved our level of automation. Most importantly, however, we have maintained CSAT throughout, while achieving our vision of scaling leaner.”
Prior to Helpshift, support interactions took days. Our goal was to reduce this to under 24 hours, which we've surpassed. With Helpshift, we instantly access device information on the agent console, reducing the need for questions and resolving issues faster.
MATT KNAPMAN / HUTCH GAMESHead of Customer Support
Key benefits
Player self-service

No matter where your players look for support, you can provide them the right answers, right away. With in-app and web help centers and a Quicksearch bot, help is right at their fingertips.

Asynchronous chat

No one should be tethered to a chat window. Integrate asynchronous chat support into your game to better respect your player’s time and free them from needless waiting.

Issue routing and classification

Deliver the right service to the right player – and every issue to the right expert – based on player VIP status, device or issue type, language, player intent and more.

Visual bot builder

Bot building shouldn’t require a PhD. You can now build help bots in minutes with a visual solution that doesn’t depend on developers or IT.

Multilingual bots

Are your users getting lost in translation? With support for over 180 languages, your bots speak as many languages as your players do.

Agent desktop

Give your agents full control. Empower them to resolve issues quickly with an easy-to-use control panel for lightning fast access to key issue data pulled directly from your app.

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