Digital twins

Leverage Unity’s technology for digital transformation with connected, dynamic digital twins that unlock and unleash the full power of data for better decision-making.

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What is a digital twin?

A digital twin is a dynamic virtual copy of a physical asset, process, system or environment that looks like and behaves identically to its real-world counterpart. A digital twin ingests data and replicates processes so you can predict possible performance outcomes and issues that the real-world product might undergo.

What is a digital twin?

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Introducing Unity Industry

Unity Industry is a suite of products and services for developers to build custom real-time 3D experiences for AR, VR, mobile, desktop, and web across any industry, such as automotive, energy, manufacturing, retail, engineering, and more. Unlock the power of 3D and CAD data to create, scale, and validate your vision.

Digital twins use cases

Credits: Sitowise and Cross Compass

Top digital twin use cases


Design and build

Accelerate time to market by empowering creative collaboration and efficient review in 3D design, building and manufacturing workflows.
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Upskill your workforce and improve information retention and safety outcomes with immersive learning experiences.
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Identify issues and improvements, and anticipate future operations by emulating, visualizing and simulating real-world assets.
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Sales and marketing

Improve customer engagement and conversion with interactive and customizable 3D shopping experiences.
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Reduce costs and improve performance by managing, operating and optimizing large-scale infrastructure, facilities, and manufacturing plants.
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Driving industry transformation

Here are just a few of the many industries embracing the power of digital twins.

Architecture, engineering and construction
Automotive and transportation
Government and aerospace
Niko Moreira, Specialist, Sitowise

“Without tools like Unity, we would not be able to offer cost-effective digital twin solutions the same way we are doing now. With Unity constantly improving its product, we can confidently innovate and bring cutting-edge solutions to life.”

Niko Moreira, Specialist, Sitowise
Gregg Pasquarelli, Founding Principal, SHoP Architects

“A digital twin means you can test and solve problems before they’re in the real world. So I can’t think of anything more important, both from a design, construction, and carbon footprint perspective, as digital twins.”

Gregg Pasquarelli, Founding Principal, SHoP Architects

Why power digital twins with Unity

Leading data ingestion and optimization technology

Bring data from virtually any format (e.g., BIM, CAD) and system (e.g., PLM, ERP, IoT) into Unity for interactive visualization. Our data prep tools import and optimize over 70 formats into a fused, augmented real-time representation of physical assets.

Best-in-class, flexible creation tools

Build and deploy interactive digital twins rapidly and efficiently with the world’s leading real-time 3D platform and other complementary products that enable you to easily create, edit and iterate interactive 3D content, in real-time.

Multiuser interactive collaboration

Expand access to 3D content beyond design and engineering groups. Empower teams across your organization, no matter their location or tech-savviness, to interact with digital twins on mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and AR and VR devices.

Dynamic visualization across devices and platforms

Industry-leading support for more than 20 platforms, including HoloLens, Quest, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and more. Unity is also the leading platform for creating content for AR and VR applications and powers 90% of head-worn AR experiences.

Global developer community

Easily tap into the technical talent you need to build cutting-edge solutions. Our large, active global community of 1.6 million real-time 3D creators spans 190 countries and territories.

Advanced simulation services

Arrive at the right decision faster with Unity’s solutions for sensor and robotics emulation, performance-optimized simulation testing and training, and more.

Case studies

Creating smart, sustainable and safe cities

Learn how Sitowise is rethinking future infrastructure and buildings to create safer environments for daily living using digital twin simulations.

Reimagining Paris with the power of real-time 3D

The evolving digital twin of Paris is casting the city in a new light, deeply engaging its citizens in its urban development.

Investing in digital twins of a city’s metro region

See how the Orlando Economic Partnership (OEP) is investing in digital twins and using real-time data to inform decisions on infrastructure, utilities, and business development.

Immersive reality in real estate

Check out BNP Paribas Real Estate’s pioneering digital twin technology and how it’s transforming real estate data analysis.

Build the future with Unity Industry

Build immersive experiences that differentiate your business with professional real-time 3D creation tools for desktop, web, mobile, AR, and VR – backed by enterprise-level support – to ensure on-time results.

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Do you need a custom digital twin?

Unity Accelerate Solutions help you transform your vision into reality. Partner with Unity’s team of world-class software developers, designers, and industry experts to make your next high-impact enterprise digital twin come to life.

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