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Telco - Device management
Improve your users’ device experience with a powerful solution suite built to maximize customer loyalty, engagement, retention, and revenue.
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Create value and grow your revenue from setup onwards

Reach users from day one with touchpoints dedicated to helping them customize their devices while engaging them with brand services and upsell opportunities at critical moments throughout the device lifecycle. And with constantly improving user experience, your revenue performance will grow along with it.

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Give each customer a device experience to remember

Improve your NPS and customer loyalty with the experience optimizer, which automatically runs thousands of A/B tests per day adjusting features like the color and format of each touchpoint. Then, use the AI - powered content optimizer to power your content recommendations, increasing engagement from each device.


Make smarter business decisions driven by data

Get full transparency into the customer journey and KPIs for each touchpoint, aggregate the performance of your owned and operated apps and services, and easily access revenue data.

Get all the knowledge you need to scale your business

Get top industry tips and best practices for scaling your app business – blog posts, podcasts, e-books, webinars, case studies, and more.