Integrated Success

Get expert guidance for your most innovative and complex projects.

Premium support for complex projects

From strategic planning to unforeseen circumstances, we’ve got you covered. Integrated Success helps your projects reach their full potential by offering expert guidance, consulting, and premium technical support. Whether you’re building a hit game or a digital twin of a product or location, rely on Integrated Success to boost creativity and help make your projects successful.

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Enhance your projects with strategic guidance

Streamline your project with advice from a Partner Relations Manager, your dedicated point of contact. Our experts can help you centralize your development workflows, giving your team more time to focus on reaching their goals.

Optimize performance with tailored insights

Every project encounters performance issues that hinder its success. Our Unity experts will provide hands-on consulting to help you locate performance bottlenecks, and then offer a detailed improvement plan.

Keep project momentum with premium technical support

Technical issues are part and parcel of development, and planning for time efficiency is crucial. With guaranteed response times of as little as two hours and prioritized bug handling, our technical support team will help you keep development on track.

Partner Relations Manager

A Partner Relations Manager, or PRM, is your first point of contact for all things Unity. They are your trusted advocate and strategic advisor, bridging the gap between you and the rest of Unity. Your assigned PRM directs you to support resources, connects you with technical experts, and provides behind-the-scenes access to product teams and feature roadmaps.

Integrated Success

Project reviews

Get strategic guidance from our senior engineers to help achieve your ambitious technical goals. Choose from one of four options to help improve the performance and stability of your projects, and expand your technical knowledge: an Accelerator, a Game Audit, a project audit, or a learning experience.

Project review options


This four-day collaboration with a senior Unity engineer is designed to accelerate your development by providing actionable information and best practices tailored to your goals to help optimize your project.

Project audits

During these technical engagements, our senior experts conduct a deep-dive investigation into your project, followed by an actionable report with guidance and recommendations. They ingest your code, analyze and diagnose workflow and performance issues, and work with you to improve efficiency and optimize your project.

Game audits

These in-depth consultations provide actionable game design recommendations to improve your gameplay experience and monetization strategy. We provide benchmarking insights against peer games to better understand where improvements need to be made.

Learning experiences

These diverse guided sessions led by seasoned technical trainers will help your team innovate, bridge skill gaps, accelerate time to delivery, and stay ahead of the evolving tech scene. Choose from Private Training, Hackathons, or a Developer Day.

From strategic planning to unforeseen issues

Our most complete success plan gives your team access to advanced technical and strategic support.

Premium technical support

Submit and track technical support tickets and get personalized advice and use cases from our engineers. Our team will also enlist the help of R&D to source solutions and workarounds to help you quickly overcome setbacks.

Prioritized bug handling

Avoid development roadblocks by having your bugs moved to the top of our dedicated engineers’ queue. Once the issue is resolved, our team will backport it to the version of Unity you are currently using.

Emergency responses

Get answers to your questions in as little as two hours. Our network of experts form diamond teams to tackle your most urgent issues, pulling in engineers from across Unity to help quickly resolve your most critical tickets.

Kristoffer Benjaminsson, Chief Technology Officer, Fast Travel Games

“With so many moving parts and unknowns as it is when a new platform is launching, we knew it would be a challenge taking Cities: VR to PSVR2 as a day-one launch title. Partnering up with Unity and Integrated Success was instrumental in our success to ship on time. I don’t think we would have succeeded without it.”

Kristoffer Benjaminsson, Chief Technology Officer, Fast Travel Games
Jose-Maria Blanco Gomez, Advanced Research Engineer, The MTC

“Our Partner Relations Manager knows Unity’s whole ecosystem of plug-ins, packages, and partners, and works with us to apply those things that will help us accelerate our product design and development.”

Jose-Maria Blanco Gomez, Advanced Research Engineer, The MTC

Get started with Integrated Success

Help your project run smoothly from kickoff to launch with premium strategic and technical support from our Unity experts.

Frequently asked questions

Is Integrated Success only for game customers?

Integrated Success is available to customers in all industries and for any type of project made with Unity. We will match you with a Partner Relations Manager who understands the unique challenges of your industry.

Is there a monthly version of Integrated Success available?

Integrated Success is an annual subscription, but you can choose to make monthly payments over the one-year term.

How long do technical support tickets take to be addressed?

We offer a guaranteed response time based on the ticket severity you select: Four hours for level 1, eight hours for level 2, or 12 hours for level 3. We also offer two-hour response times for emergency issues.

What languages is Integrated Success offered in?

Technical support and our ticketing system are only available in English.

Regarding Partner Relations Managers, while we make our best effort to accommodate your preferred language, we can only guarantee English support.

Can I cancel our Integrated Success plan at any time?

Integrated Success is purchased on an annual subscription and cannot be canceled mid-year. At the end of the year, you can choose whether to renew or cancel the plan.

In what regions is Integrated Success available?

Integrated Success is available everywhere.

Do I need an Enterprise license to get access to Integrated Success?

No, you do not need an Enterprise license to purchase Integrated Success. However, Enterprise license customers can purchase Integrated Success at a discount.

I’m a publisher; how would Integrated Success work for me?

We have a flexible Publisher Success plan where you can allocate resources at the right level of support to each studio.

What are the differences between the offered learning experiences?

While each learning experience helps your team bridge skill gaps, accelerate time to delivery, and stay ahead of the curve through continuous learning, they are also each unique.

Hackathons: This innovative bootcamp is designed to ignite creativity and problem-solving skills among developers. During this interactive expert-led session, teams collaborate to transform their ideas into functional prototypes. Topics can vary, but are based on preselected asset packs, enabling participants to practice and develop any number of Unity projects, with experts on hand to answer any questions they might have.

Developer Days: This enriching symposium, led by our product experts, provides the opportunity to collaborate with peers and immerse yourself in new and upcoming Unity innovations. Become part of a vibrant community, collaborate and network with fellow developers, enthusiasts, and industry experts to share knowledge, discuss emerging technologies, and showcase your projects.

Private Training: Designed for professionals, Private Training offers valuable time with a Unity expert in a flexible environment that enables you to improve your skills and expertise with Unity tools. Scheduled at a time that works best for you, this hands-on training follows structured learning plans that help your team easily comprehend and retain course content.

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