With Pixyz’s software, you can quickly import, prep, and optimize your large CAD, mesh and point cloud models for real-time visualizations in Unity.

Unlock your 3D data for real-time development

Pixyz, part of Unity's product portfolio, provides solutions to easily import and optimize large 3D CAD, point cloud and mesh models for creating real-time experiences in Unity. Unity customers across a range of industries use Pixyz to prepare data from widely used design tools and file formats for real-time development.

Automate and optimize your data pipeline

These Pixyz products ensure your 3D data is optimized for Unity regardless of the source. Going from import to real-time publishing has never been so easy.

Pixyz Plugin

The fastest and easiest way to bring your 3D data into Unity. It reads and converts almost any format, optimizes and puts it in Unity, and stages it to provide ready-to-use assets for real-time applications.

Pixyz Studio

Import and transform heavy and complex 3D CAD data into lightweight, optimized meshes for real-time 3D engines. Simplify and optimize CAD data quickly and efficiently with more than 120 powerful algorithms.

Pixyz Review

A powerful technical review solution for CAD and 3D models that allows users to instantly review and interact with complex assemblies in desktop and/or VR. Easily review all your 3D models, collaborate to facilitate decision-making and speed-up design workflows.

Pixyz Scenario Processor

Automate data preparation for your 3D, CAD and point cloud pipelines. Reduce the time, effort and cost of complex manual processing by reapplying the same optimization scenario on batches of files, automatically.

Pixyz Loader

Import pre-processed CAD, 3D and point cloud files into the Unity Editor or the runtime of your Unity application.

Key benefits


Import small to large assemblies of over 30 supported formats, including CAD, tessellated/mesh file formats, point clouds, and more. You can also live-link assets in Unity with the original source data so changes update automatically.


Create LODs and UVs, merge and explode meshes, change pivots, and more to build ready-to-use assets within Unity. Optimize any data natively within the Unity Editor without re-importing, so you can focus on your ultimate goal – developing and sharing immersive, real-time 3D experiences.


The faster you can get your 3D models into Unity, the sooner you can visualize and shape them into real-time 3D experiences for your target audience.


With your 3D models imported and optimized in Unity, you just have to build once to publish 3D CAD visualizations to various platforms for mobile, desktop, VR, AR, and more.

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Looking to pair Pixyz with Unity?

Check out Unity Industrial Collection, which bundles Unity Pro, Pixyz Plugin and other software tools for better value.

Talk to a Unity expert

Get in touch to learn how Unity and Pixyz are the ideal combination for optimizing your 3D data and workflow to achieve your real-time 3D visualization goals.

Product questions

Which versions of Unity is Pixyz compatible with?

Pixyz Plugin 2021.1 is compatible with Unity 2019.4 to 2021.1.

Which 3D file formats does Pixyz support?

Pixyz supports more than 40 file formats for various industries, including CATIA, JT, STEP, IFC, USD and glTF. See full list of supported files by Pixyz here.

Why can’t Unity directly read my CAD files?

CAD files rely on exact parametric surfaces (called BRep, or NURBS), whereas real-time 3D engines like Unity need triangular representations of 3D objects (called meshes). Pixyz translates CAD data into mesh data. 

How can I import CAD data into Unity?

For basic interactive workflows, use Pixyz Plugin to directly import CAD files.

For highly complex, heavy data, you can use Pixyz Studio (interactive process) or Pixyz Scenario Processor (automated process) to pre-process your CAD into a .PXZ file, and then load it into Unity with Pixyz Loader.


How can I lighten my model with Pixyz?

Pixyz offers dozens of methods to simplify your model, either by:

- Reducing the number of triangles through decimation or Remove Hidden Objects

- Reducing the complexity of your hierarchy and number of entities in your scenes (Sub-meshes with merge or combine)

- Creating a new optimized GameObject through Retopology (Proxy-mesh + bake) or Create Impostor / Billboard

Pricing and licensing questions

Do I need a separate license of Pixyz?

Pixyz licenses are provided as a separate entitlement from Unity licenses.

How much do Pixyz products cost?

Check out pricing in the Unity Store or contact us.

I want to buy Unity as well as Pixyz. What should I buy?

If you wish to purchase Pixyz Plugin, we recommend Unity Industrial Collection, which bundles Unity Pro, Pixyz Plugin and other software tools for better value.

If you wish to purchase Pixyz Studio with Unity Pro, click here.

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