Unity Industrial Collection

Our 3D product visualization software bundle includes everything you need to visualize your 3D and CAD data in real-time 3D, including augmented and virtual reality.

Visualize CAD assets in a new dimension

Unity Industrial Collection enhances Unity Pro real-time 3D rendering software. This bundle of software tools enables you to create interactive 3D, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications from 3D industrial design data, including computer-aided drafting and design assets.

Top uses of Unity Industrial Collection

3D car design and product development

Unity Industrial Collection works with your 3D, CAD and car design software, enabling real-time product visualization. Using AR in automotive or product design gives global teams an immersive experience and avoids delays common with traditional 3D automotive rendering software.

VR training

VR training is used across industries, for example, in virtual reality automotive training. VR training simulators provide interactive, immersive training environments proven to increase knowledge retention and improve safety in high-risk scenarios.

Industrial HMI

Human-machine interface (HMI) design and development reimagines how people connect to technology. Unity’s HMI software solution lets you create new interfaces, from personal infotainment systems and head-up displays (HUDs) to industrial augmented reality and digital instrument clusters.

Industrial augmented reality

Unity is the leading platform for AR and VR content creation. From real-time digital twins and immersive modeling and design visualization to guided work instructions and remote assistance, industrial augmented reality increases productivity and reduces operational costs.

Sales and marketing

Specialized products such as Unity Forma (sold separately) and products from Unity’s Verified Solutions Partners run on top of Unity Industrial Collection. Take advantage of Unity’s robust product ecosystem to innovate your retail and marketing content and drive sales.

What works with Unity Industrial Collection

Pixyz Plugin, included in the Unity Industrial Collection, enables users to complete repetitive tasks more efficiently and reduce the opportunity for error by automating manual, time-consuming steps for 3D data preparation in Unity. It imports and optimizes data from nearly 40 3D file formats and leading 3D automotive manufacturing software programs. See the complete list of compatible input formats.

Supported automotive manufacturing software at a glance

Supported 3D file formats at a glance

Timmy Ghiurau, Innovation Leader, Virtual Experiences, Volvo Cars

“Our use cases of Unity are increasing almost every week. From car design all the way to consumer-facing experiences, we’re using Unity to bridge departments and enable better collaboration.”

Timmy Ghiurau, Innovation Leader, Virtual Experiences, Volvo Cars


Standalone licenses of Unity Industrial Collection are available for purchase online for $2,520 annually ($2,950 value*) . For floating license inquiries and pricing, check out the FAQ.

What’s included:

  • 1 license of Unity Pro
  • 1 license of Pixyz Plugin
  • AxF and xTex material importers

*$2,950/year when purchased separately (Unity Pro – $1,800; Pixyz Plugin – $1,150)

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Frequently asked questions

Pricing questions

How much does it cost?

A standalone license of Unity Industrial Collection costs $2,520 for an annual subscription. Subscribe now.

Can I purchase these products separately?

You can purchase Unity Pro and Pixyz Plugin separately in the Unity Store; however, Unity Industrial Collection bundles these products with other tools to give you better value. The material importers and toolkits are available exclusively to Unity Industrial Collection customers.

Are customer support plans and training services available?

We offer training and customer success plans to help your team better plan, implement, deploy and maintain projects. Please contact a Unity sales representative to learn more.

Licensing questions

I already have a subscription to Unity Enterprise, Unity Pro and/or Pixyz Plugin. Can I still purchase Unity Industrial Collection?

Yes; however, this is not possible online. Please contact a sales representative.

Are floating licenses available?

Yes, but they are not available for purchase online. Please contact us for floating license inquiries.

Floating licenses can be a cost-effective option for companies with:

  • A fluctuating number of Unity users (e.g., new/occasional users)
  • A need to run Unity across different machines and departments
  • Users in multiple regions and time zones

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