Unity Terms of Service Update FAQ

We are updating our Terms of Service and certain other agreements effective April 3, 2023. Please review them here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our updated Editor Software Terms here.

Updated Terms for Industry and Entertainment Customers

What is an “Industry” customer?

An Industry customer is a non-games, non-entertainment customer. Users of Educational Versions are also excluded. Industry customers include, but are not limited to automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, government, architecture, engineering, construction, energy, and retail sectors.

Why are they distinguished from one another?

Specifically, we have distinguished Industry customers from educational, games, and entertainment customers as Unity Industry is a new bundled offering that is tailored to Industry customers, for whom specific terms will apply. Details and specific financial thresholds for Unity Industry are outlined below. These terms will not apply to Entertainment customers. Financial thresholds of Unity Plans for all other customers remain unchanged. There are also some general changes for all customers to align on updates to our business.

Details for Industry Customers

What is the Unity Industry plan?

Unity Industry is a suite of products and services that includes Unity Enterprise, Industry Success, Pixyz Plugin, and more. It is a successor to the Unity Industrial Collection, which will be deprecated this year. Please visit this page to learn more about Unity Industry.

Under what circumstances can an Industry customer use Unity Pro or Unity Enterprise, instead of Unity Industry?

If an Industry customer has total finances less than $1M USD per year, they can use Unity Pro, Unity Enterprise, or Unity Industry. If they have total finances greater than $1M USD per year, per the Terms of Service, they must use Unity Industry.

What do I need if I use Unity for both Industry and Games or Entertainment?

Customers may not use Unity Software tiers with different financial thresholds at the same time. If you are an industry Customer, you will need to use and maintain Unity Industry licenses for your Projects. Please reach out to your Unity sales representative to discuss your specific use case.

Do these new Industry terms apply to active subscriptions of Unity Pro, Enterprise, or UIC?

These Industry terms will only apply to renewals and new licenses. 

Additionally, to ease transitions, current industrial subscribers of Unity Pro, Enterprise, and UIC will have six months (from April 3, 2023 to October 3, 2023) to renew or add licenses of Unity Pro, Unity Enterprise, or UIC to an existing organization. Existing customers can renew through Unity.com or by calling their sales representative.

Details for Games and Entertainment Customers

What do these financial threshold changes mean for Unity Games and Entertainment customers?

The Unity Plans and financial thresholds for games and entertainment customers remain unchanged with this update. 

What has changed for Unity Gaming Services?

As some of our Unity Gaming Services (UGS) products become more widely used, we want to make it easier and seamless for Entertainment customers to add these products and services to their projects. Accordingly, the UGS Additional Terms now leverage the same Unity Terms of Service as the Editor and other Create tools, rather than being distinct and separate from the Unity Terms of Service. Additional terms for both UGS and Accelerate Solutions consulting can now also be found under one set of terms: the Consulting Services Additional Terms (formerly the Professional Services Additional Terms).

New details for Unity Success Plans

What updates have been made to Unity Success Plans?

Additionally, to correspond with plan updates and improvements for personalized support for both Entertainment and Industry customers through Unity’s Success Plans, the Success Services Additional Terms (formerly the Success Plans Additional Terms) have been updated. Please visit this page to learn more about the Unity Success Plans available.

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